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  1. Working supervisor
  2. transactional leaders
  3. Humanistic Theory
  4. Non exempt employees
  5. Transformtional leaders
  1. a a supervisor that performs the tasks of hourly employees. focus on work rather than employees
  2. b combo of scientific, human relation, participative, and TQM
    Open communication and commitment to common goals
    managers become leaders
    concern for ROI
  3. c motivate employees through appealing to workers self intrest
    influence employees by exchanging work for wages
    does noit build on the employees need for meaningful work or tap into their creativity
  4. d are covered by Federal and state wages and hour laws. They are hourly employees that are guaranteed min wage and overtime
  5. e appeal to the higher order needs of the employee to reach beyond themselves and do more than they considered possible
    act as coach and mentor
    lead by example
    communicate and inspire employees about the misson goals, and objectives of the organization
    provide workers with meaningful, interesting, and

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  1. Salaried employees
  2. getting people to what there supposed to
  3. focus shifted from work to people: emphasis on the importance of workers as individuals
    workers give a sense of belonging
    happy employees=productivity
  4. people have an a natural dislike for work and will avoid it as much as possible
    people must be coerced, controlled, directed, and threatened with punishment to get work down
    people prefer to be led, avoid responsibility and lack ambition
  5. X

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  1. what are the responsibilities of a managergetting people to what there supposed to


  2. laissez-faireviews themselves as sole decision maker
    gives orders and expects to be obeyed
    little concern for the opinion of others
    dictates tasks to be accomplished
    believes that employees will understand this approach


  3. Scientific management theoryWhen a worker of a group becomes manager and looks at it from a workers point of view instead of a managers point of view


  4. First line supervisormanages hourly employees. Focus on supervision and management


  5. What type is democratictheory y


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