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  1. How to prevent boomerang management theory
  2. Managerial/Professional Skill Bank
  3. Autocratic
  4. Scientific management theory
  5. First line supervisor
  1. a 1. promote those that want it
    2. put them with people they haven't worked with before
  2. b Analytical
  3. c views themselves as sole decision maker
    gives orders and expects to be obeyed
    little concern for the opinion of others
    dictates tasks to be accomplished
    believes that employees will understand this approach
  4. d manages hourly employees. Focus on supervision and management
  5. e focus on work
    best way theory
    applies scientific approach to human performance
    standardization of work procedures, methods, tools, and conditions
    resulting in consistency of product and services

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  1. Salaried employees
  2. strictly by the book
    relies on rules and regulations acts like a police officer
    employees are permitted zero discretion
    little to no flexibility
  3. Teamwork Leadership Value
  4. getting people to what there supposed to
  5. focus shifted from work to people: emphasis on the importance of workers as individuals
    workers give a sense of belonging
    happy employees=productivity

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  1. Non exempt employeesare covered by Federal and state wages and hour laws. They are hourly employees that are guaranteed min wage and overtime


  2. what are the three criteria for being autocratic/bureaucraticfor handeling money and finances
    health risks


  3. Theory Xwork is as natural as play or rest
    they will work of their own accords towards objects which they feel committed


  4. what is the only thing that mattersgetting people to what there supposed to


  5. what are the responsibilities of a managergetting people to what there supposed to


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