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  1. bowman's capsule
  2. cations
  3. reasons for variations in body h20
  4. renal calyx (calyces)
  5. loop of henle
  1. a positively charged ions, sodium-most abundant & important positively charged ion of plasma
  2. b cup shaped top of nephron, surrounds glomerulus
  3. c extension of proximal tubule, consists of descending limb, loop and ascending limb
  4. d total body wt of person, fat content--more fat=less h20
  5. e divisions of renal pelvis, papilla of a pyramid opens into each calyx

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  1. 1st segment, nearest to the bowman's capsule
  2. storage of urine before urinating, urinating
  3. network of blood capillaries surrounded by bowman's capsule, high pressure within to remove/filter wastes from the blood
  4. imbalance of carbonic acid in the blood, controlled by respiration
  5. expansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney

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  1. renal medullainnermost ends of pyramid


  2. functions of the urinary systemureters, urinary bladder, urethra


  3. respiratory acidosisexcess carbonic acid, caused by decreased respiratory rate


  4. renal cortexouter part of the kidney, shell around medulla


  5. how is urine volume controlled?proximal convoluted tubule, loop of henle, distal convoluted tubule, collecting tubule


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