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  1. renal pelvis
  2. secretion
  3. functions of urinary bladder
  4. renal columns
  5. chronic renal failure
  1. a extensions of cortical tissue that dips down into the medulla between the renal pyramids
  2. b storage of urine before urinating, urinating
  3. c expansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney
  4. d slow, progressive loss of nephrons caused by a variety of underlying diseases
  5. e movement of substances into urine in the distal & collecting tubules from blood in peritubular capillaries, 3rd step of urine formation

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  1. metabolic & resoratory
  2. blood in the urine
  3. extension of proximal tubule, consists of descending limb, loop and ascending limb
  4. positively charged ions, sodium-most abundant & important positively charged ion of plasma
  5. extension of ascending limb of loop of henles, highly coiled

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  1. metabolic alkalosisexcess of sodium bicarbonate, loss of stomach acid w/ severe vomiting


  2. functions of the nephronpassage of urine from bladder to body exterior, passage of semen in males


  3. structure of ureterslong, narrow tubes w/ expanded upper end, inside kidney, lined w/ mucous membrane & muscular layer


  4. filtrationhappens in renal corpuscle, b/p is high enough to force h20 & wastes thru


  5. anuriaabsence of urine


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