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  1. how much blood do kidneys filter every day? How much urine is produced?
  2. structure of urinary bladder
  3. metabolic alkalosis
  4. renal cortex
  5. respiratory acidosis
  1. a excess of sodium bicarbonate, loss of stomach acid w/ severe vomiting
  2. b excess carbonic acid, caused by decreased respiratory rate
  3. c elastic muscular organ, lined w/ mucous membrane arranged in rugae
  4. d outer part of the kidney, shell around medulla
  5. e 450 gal, 1.5 quarts

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  1. triangular division of the medulla, from 8-19
  2. inflammation or infection of the urinary bladder
  3. long, narrow tubes w/ expanded upper end, inside kidney, lined w/ mucous membrane & muscular layer
  4. expansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney
  5. internal urethral sphincter (involuntary), external urethral sphincter (voluntary)

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  1. metabolic disturbancesimbalance of bicorbonate in blood, controlled by kidneys


  2. hematuriaabsence of urine


  3. 2 types of ph disturbancesinflammation of the renal pelvis & connective tissue of the kidney


  4. acidityabsence of urine


  5. renal tubuleleads away from glomerular capsule, reabsorption of h20, nutrients & ions occurs here, 4 parts


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