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  1. cations
  2. how is urine volume controlled?
  3. renal cortex
  4. respiratory disturbances
  5. 2 major fluid compartments
  1. a by posterior pituitary hormone ADH which decreases volume
  2. b outer part of the kidney, shell around medulla
  3. c intracellular fluid, extracellular fluid
  4. d imbalance of carbonic acid in the blood, controlled by respiration
  5. e positively charged ions, sodium-most abundant & important positively charged ion of plasma

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  1. storage of urine before urinating, urinating
  2. imbalance of bicorbonate in blood, controlled by kidneys
  3. returns blood from the kidney to the vena cava
  4. drain urine from renal pelvis to urinary bladder
  5. intense pain when ureters are blocked

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  1. electrolytesnetwork of blood capillaries surrounded by bowman's capsule, high pressure within to remove/filter wastes from the blood


  2. 3 processes of urine formationfiltration, reabsorption, secretion


  3. reabsorption2nd step of urine formation, takes place in renal tubule


  4. reasons for variations in body h20deficit of carbonic acid, caused by increased respiratory rate, hyperventilation w/anxiety


  5. phelectrolye particles which carry an electrical charge


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