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  1. renal medulla
  2. structure of ureters
  3. pyelonephritis
  4. ph
  5. how much blood do kidneys filter every day? How much urine is produced?
  1. a inflammation of the renal pelvis & connective tissue of the kidney
  2. b inner portion containing the renal pyramids
  3. c long, narrow tubes w/ expanded upper end, inside kidney, lined w/ mucous membrane & muscular layer
  4. d 450 gal, 1.5 quarts
  5. e number that indicates hydrogen ion (H+) concentration of a fluid

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  1. ureters, urinary bladder, urethra
  2. organic substances that don't break up or dissociate when placed in h20
  3. blood is too alkaline-7.45, respiration increases
  4. entry site for renal arteries & nerves, exit site for renal veins & ureters
  5. expansion of upper end of ureter, lies inside kidney

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  1. functions of urethrapassage of urine from bladder to body exterior, passage of semen in males


  2. metabolic disturbancesimbalance of bicorbonate in blood, controlled by kidneys


  3. renal calculiaka; urolythiasis, kidney stones, formed by crystallized minerals, may block ureters


  4. enuresisinvoluntary urination in young child


  5. secretionhappens in renal corpuscle, b/p is high enough to force h20 & wastes thru


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