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  1. renal arteries
  2. secretion
  3. respiratory alkalosis
  4. chronic renal failure
  5. function of ureters
  1. a drain urine from renal pelvis to urinary bladder
  2. b deficit of carbonic acid, caused by increased respiratory rate, hyperventilation w/anxiety
  3. c movement of substances into urine in the distal & collecting tubules from blood in peritubular capillaries, 3rd step of urine formation
  4. d supply blood to the kidney, large in diameter, with each heartbeat 20% of the blood enters the kidneys
  5. e slow, progressive loss of nephrons caused by a variety of underlying diseases

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  1. substances that prevent sharp changes in acid/base
  2. leads away from glomerular capsule, reabsorption of h20, nutrients & ions occurs here, 4 parts
  3. straight extension of distal tubule
  4. extension of proximal tubule, consists of descending limb, loop and ascending limb
  5. passage of urine from bladder to body exterior, passage of semen in males

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  1. electrolytescompounds that break up into particles called ions, influences how h20 moves in the body


  2. renal medullainner portion containing the renal pyramids


  3. alkalosisblood is too acidic-7.35, respiration decreases


  4. structure of urinary bladderstorage of urine before urinating, urinating


  5. renal calyx (calyces)in cortex of kidney, made up of 2 parts-bowman's capsule & glomerulus


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