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The technical term that refers to the overgrowth of hair on the body is:


Client questionnaires used for hair removal services should contain information about client medications and:

allergies and skin disorders

A hair removal service should not be performed on clients taking a medication containing:


Facial waxing should not be performed on clients with the condition of:


Intense light used to destroy the growth cells of the hair follicle is a method of hair removal called:


A method of hair removal using a beam pulsed on the skin that requires specialized training is:

laser hair removal

The natural arch of the eyebrow or the curved line of the eye socket follows what bone?


To soften brows, saturate pledgets or towel with:

warm water

The thick epilator that does not require the use of fabric strips for removal is:

cold wax

For waxing to be effective, the hair should be at least how long?

1 inch

To prevent contact with any possible bloodborne pathogens during a hair removal treatment, use:

disposable gloves

Wax that may cause an allergic reaction and should be patch tested is:


Prior to application, the temperature of the heated wax should be tested on:

the wrist

Heated wax should be spread in a thin coat using:

a wooden applicator

Wax applied to an area should be removed using:

fabric strips

Remaining wax residue can be safely removed from the skin with a gentle:

wax remover

To avoid contaminating wax, the applicator used on each client should be inserted into the wax:


The direction in which the fabric strips used in hair removal treatments should be removed is:

opposite hair growth

A temporary hair removal method involving cotton thread manipulated and rolled along the surface of the skin is:


An effective epilator treatment that uses a thick paste easily removed with water is:


The important part of the facial treatment that determines skin type, condition, and the recommended treatment is the:

skin analysis

Clients who present skin abnormalities, open sores, or fever blisters should be referred to a(n):


When removing cleanser in the eye area, move outward on the upper lid and:

inward on the lower lid

Oily or dry conditions of skin that cannot be permanently changed, only improved with treatments, are determined by the skin:


The amount of sebum produced by the sebaceous glands determines the size of the:


Obvious pores on the surface of the skin indicate:

oily skin areas

Skin that appears shiny or greasy from clogged, dead cells in the follicle is:

oily skin

The difference between closed and open comedones is the size of the follicle opening or:


Acne bacteria cannot survive in the presence of oxygen, and are:


Pimples that have a pus head are called:


Dark blotches of color on the skin caused by sun exposure or hormone imbalance are known as:


Treatments that produce heat or stimulate the skin should be avoided for clients with the skin disorder:


Foaming wash-off type cleansers contain a detergent that is also known as a(n):


Products that are designed to rebalance the pH and remove remnants of cleanser from the skin are:


Cosmetology professionals are only allowed to use products that remove dead skin from the:

stratum corneum

The process of removing dead cells from the surface of the skin is:


A cream-type enzyme applied to the face and rolled off the skin is a:


Exfoliants that dissolve the bonds and intercellular cement between cells are:

alpha hydroxy acids

Salon alpha hydroxy acid exfoliants are often referred to as:


Chemical exfoliants that work by dissolving keratin protein in the surface cells are known as

enzyme peels

An enzyme peel that does not dry the skin and can be used during a steam treatment is the:

powder form

Water-binding agents in moisturizers are also known as:


Skin products that have a higher concentration of ingredients are:


Oil-absorbing masks that have an exfoliating and astringent effect, making large pores appear smaller are:

clay-based masks

A thin, open-meshed cotton fabric that is used to hold mask products on the face is:


The manual or mechanical manipulation of the body by rubbing, kneading, or other movements is:


The impact of a massage treatment depends on the amount of pressure, direction of movement, and:

duration of manipulation

The direction of movement in massage should always be from insertion of the muscle toward its:


Every massage should begin and end with which massage movement?


A deep rubbing massage movement in which pressure is applied to the skin while moving over an underlying structure is:


A stimulating form of massage that consists of short, quick tapping, slapping, and hacking movements is:


The point over a muscle where pressure or stimulation will cause contraction of the muscle is the:

motor point

To soften skin tissues and follicle accumulations making them easier to extract, it is recommended to first use a:

facial steamer

To provide a buffer for the skin when using a brushing machine, apply a thick layer of cleaner or:


An applicator used to direct electric current from a machine to the client's skin is a(n):


Nikolas Tesla is credited with discovering:

high-frequency current

Light therapy using a light-emitting diode (LED) uses blue light to treat skin that is:


A mechanical exfoliation that uses a closed vacuum to shoot crystals onto the skin is:


During a light ray treatment, the client's eyes should be protected with:

cotton pads

The therapeutic use of essential oils for beauty and health treatment is:


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