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  1. If it is 6:00PM on the East Coast of the United States, what time is it on the West Coast?
  2. Spatial organization is how what is arranged on earth?
  3. In which city does the sun rise first every morning?
  4. The Ohio River flows from the ______ to the Mississippi River.
  5. Regional geography
  1. a focuses on how regions and places are similar.
  2. b Northeast
  3. c Paris, France
  4. d land features, people, and human-made features are
    arranged on Earth.
  5. e 3PM

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  1. between the Appalachians and the Rockies.
  2. Population Pyramid
  3. The Equator
  4. have boundaries that are made by governments. States, cities, and countries are formal regions.
  5. A single city might be split into two or more time zones

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  1. What is the significance of Greenwich, England?The equator


  2. How many degrees are there to the east and west of the Prime Meridian?Key or Legend


  3. What landmark in Titusville tells us which way is east?Indian River


  4. What is the 0-degree latitude line called?The equator


  5. Death Valley has an elevation of what...282 feet below sea level. This valley is also the hottest.


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