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  1. The Ohio River flows from the ______ to the Mississippi River.
  2. ______ describes the average number of years people are expected to live in a certain area.
  3. What line of longitude is 0 degrees east west and is the beginning of the timeline?
  4. What landmark in Titusville tells us which way is east?
  5. Name the major vallies of North America.
  1. a Central Valley in California and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and Death Valley in California.
  2. b Northeast
  3. c Indian River
  4. d The Prime Meridian
  5. e Life Expectancy

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  1. land features, people, and human-made features are
    arranged on Earth.
  2. The Prime Meridian runs through it. It is where the timeline begins
  3. is based on our perceptions or views of an area, such as what we think of when we talk about the Middle East Region.
  4. Latitude
  5. The Equator

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  1. What is the Continental Divide?line of ridges in the Rocky Mountains. It divides our continent in half.


  2. Death Valley has an elevation of what...282 feet below sea level. This valley is also the hottest.


  3. What part of the map tells you direction?Compass Rose


  4. Functional regionsare made based on a particular need. For example, your town may have voting regions.


  5. Name three North American DesertsMojave Desert, Great Salt Lake Desert , Sonoran Desert


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