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  1. What are the major gulfs in our country?
  2. What lines run from pole to pole?
  3. What landmark in Titusville tells us which way is east?
  4. What imaginary line separates the earth into northern and southern hemispheres?
  5. In the west there are the Rocky Mountains.
  1. a The Equator
  2. b They are higher than the Appalachians.
  3. c lines of longitude
  4. d gulf of mexico, gulf of Alaska, gulf of California
  5. e Indian River

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  1. focuses on how regions and places are similar.
  2. Northeast
  3. The equator
  4. is based on our perceptions or views of an area, such as what we think of when we talk about the Middle East Region.
  5. meridians

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  1. What is the 0-degree longitude line called?The equator


  2. ______ describes the average number of years people are expected to live in a certain area.Life Expectancy


  3. If it is 6:00PM on the East Coast of the United States, what time is it on the West Coast?3PM


  4. Name the five Great Lakes. Which major river do they feed into?Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior. All of the lakes feed into the St. Lawrence River.


  5. What lines tell you how far something is to the north or to the south?Latitude


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