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  1. What type of map tells you the number of people living per square mile?
  2. What imaginary line separates the earth into northern and southern hemispheres?
  3. What is the significance of Greenwich, England?
  4. Death Valley has an elevation of what...
  5. what is topical geography
  1. a Population Density
  2. b is the physical characteristics of an area including mountains, bodies of water, natural resources, etc.
  3. c The Equator
  4. d The Prime Meridian runs through it. It is where the timeline begins
  5. e 282 feet below sea level. This valley is also the hottest.

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  1. The Prime Meridian
  2. are made based on a particular need. For example, your town may have voting regions.
  3. Northeast
  4. Life Expectancy
  5. They are higher than the Appalachians.

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  1. The number of time zones on earth is equal to:Central Valley in California and the Willamette Valley in Oregon, and Death Valley in California.


  2. What is the 0-degree latitude line called?The equator


  3. What part of the map tells you direction?Compass Rose


  4. The number of women and men in age groups in an area's population can be shown on a ______.Population Pyramid


  5. One of the largest bays in the world is the ______.282 feet below sea level. This valley is also the hottest.


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