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  1. reticence
  2. decorum
  3. rigmarole
  4. legacy
  5. philanthropist
  1. a n. a long, confused, non meaningless talks
  2. b n.1. Money or property left to another in a will.
    2. Something passed on to those who come after.
  3. c n. One who makes substantial contributions to those in need.
  4. d n. Silence or reserve.
  5. e n. correctness of behavior or conduct

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  1. adj. Honored; esteemed.
  2. v. attract strongly, as if with a magnet
  3. n. the act of giving a formal (usually written) authorization
  4. adj. too many to count
  5. n. One able to do skilled work with the hands; a craftsperson.

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  1. oublietten. wealth


  2. reticentadj. Inclined to keep one's thoughts and feelings to oneself; quiet and reserved.


  3. counterpanen. a quilt or cover for a bed


  4. philanthropyn. The attempt to improve the well-being of those in need by donating money or aid.


  5. quaintadj. having a friendly, old fashioned feel


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