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  1. QAT
  2. database
  3. tab
  4. referential integrity
  5. input mask
  1. a prevents conflicting data between two tables by enforcing a relationship.
  2. b an organized way to store information so that it is easy for the computer to search for information.
  3. c a toolbar that allows users to quickly find commands.
  4. d allows users to apply a specific type of format to data enterd into a database.
  5. e a clickable area of the ribbon that displays menu options.

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  1. an item that helps the user organize files.
  2. a detail about an object, such as the size or default value.
  3. exceeding what is necessary.
  4. the arrow used to select on-screen items, such as menus and buttons.
  5. a bar at the right side or bottom of the screen that allows you to move up and down or left and right in a document or a worksheet.

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  1. crosstab querya database query that finds records with the same data in a field.


  2. insertthe arrow used to select on-screen items, such as menus and buttons.


  3. database templatea sample database used by the Database Wizard to create a new database.


  4. controlan object on a form or report that displays data


  5. datafactual information used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation.


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