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  1. caption
  2. property sheet
  3. analyze
  4. Design View
  5. QAT
  1. a the view that allows you to change the structure of a database object.
  2. b a label that corresponds with a picture or diagram
  3. c a window listing the properties for an object.
  4. d a toolbar that allows users to quickly find commands.
  5. e to study or determine the nature and relationship of component parts.

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  1. an item that helps the user organize files.
  2. to add text to a document.
  3. a box opened by a menu commands that allows you to select options or specify information to perform the command.
  4. a wizard that evaluates the information in a chosen table and then makes changes to streamline the data.
  5. a set of rows and columns used to organize information.

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  1. scroll bara bar at the right side or bottom of the screen that allows you to move up and down or left and right in a document or a worksheet.


  2. backupan organized set of commands that relates to a specific activity.


  3. ribbona panel in microsoft office that organizes commands into tabs.


  4. unmatched querya query that finds records without matching related data.


  5. Totals Rowthe bar at the top of the screen that displays the name of the current window.


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