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  1. table
  2. crosstab query
  3. lookup field
  4. control
  5. attachment field
  1. a a field that is useful for linking files and other objects to a database.
  2. b a set of rows and columns used to organize information.
  3. c displays input choices form another table so you can enter data by choosing it for a list.
  4. d caculates a sum, average, count, or other type of total for data that is grouped by two fields-one across the top of the datasheet.
  5. e an object on a form or report that displays data, such as a text box or check box, or a button that lets users control a program.

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  1. an organized way to store information so that it is easy for the computer to search for information.
  2. a toolbar that allows users to quickly find commands.
  3. an object on a form or report that displays data
  4. ...
  5. a bar at the right side or bottom of the screen that allows you to move up and down or left and right in a document or a worksheet.

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  1. duplicate querya database query that finds records with the same data in a field.


  2. referential integrityexceeding what is necessary.


  3. database templatea sample database used by the Database Wizard to create a new database.


  4. dialog boxthe bar at the top of the screen that displays the name of the current window.


  5. Totals Rowa function that can summarize columns of data in a table to give you totals, averages, minimums, and maximums and other calculations simply and quickly.


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