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  1. Gregorio del Pilar
  2. Secret Agreement
  3. Philippine Republic
  4. Treaty of Paris
  5. Gen Martin Delgado
  1. a Comm Dewey and General Merritt secretly entered into an agreement with Spanish Gov Gen Fermin Jaudines to surrender Manila to the Americans.
  2. b January 23, 1899 - First Philippine Republic was established with Gen Emilio Aguinaldo as the first President. This was a true democratic government and accepted by majority of Filipinos but it was not recognized by Americans and other countries of the world.
  3. c December 10, 1898 - this treaty gave the US authority to govern the Philippines in exchange for $20MM given to the Spain. This further enraged the Filipinos.
  4. d February 11, 1899 - his troops fought the Americans who attacked Iloilo.
  5. e Won the battle in Plaridel, Bulacan.

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  1. February 4, 1899 - Americans entered Caloocan and defeated Gen Antonio Luna's troops. Luna ordered all houses to be burned to render them useless to the Americans. They then retreated to Bulacan. Luna and his men also tried to enter Manila but were again defeated. The Americans conquered other places such as Marikina, Pateros, Guadalupe and Caloocan.
  2. composed the Marcha National which was played during the Declaration of Independence. It became the Philippines' national anthem.
  3. Led the biggest American defeat in the Battle of San Mateo, this happened during the end of 1899.
  4. This was the realization of all the efforts of Filipinos to seek independence from the Americans. It stipulated that the Phils would be granted independence after 10 years of preparation which would be under the Commonwealth government.
  5. These were some of the groups that continued to fight versus the Americans even after the orders to punish armed troops came out.

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  1. Hero of Tirad PassAguinaldo left Gen Gregorio del Pilar and his troops at Tirad Pass as they were escaping to avoid American persecution. Del Pilar and his troops were killed on Dec 2, 1898. Del Pilar was recognized as the ___________.


  2. Forced Evacuationmade the Philippine flag that was raised during the Declaration of Independence


  3. Philippine IndependenceJune 12, 1898 - Aguinaldo declared Independence from Spanish Rule.


  4. San Isidro, Nueva EcijaHe was one of the heroes of the war against the Americans. He was a Pharmacy graduate but he read books about military science while he was in Spain. He joined Aguinaldo in 1896 and was appointed as War Director.


  5. GuerillasHe led a group of guerrillas and surrendered to the Americans as they were promised pardon and were convinced that their surrender would restore peace. The Americans did not fulfill their promise and this leader and his men were executed.


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