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  1. Linville "Outgroup Homogeneity Effect"
  2. timing of dissent
  3. Jennings et al. "Ad"
  4. autism symptoms
  5. Srull Impression Formation
  1. a inconsistency resolution
  2. b stereotyping
  3. c gender stereotypes
  4. d deficits in communication, socialization, imagination
  5. e early dissent leads to the greatest drop in conformity

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  1. schema
  2. one dissenter drops conformity from 50% to 5%
  3. default value
  4. mere presence of others influences behavior
  5. realistic conflict theory, discrimination, superordinate goal

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  1. La Pierresticks out from background


  2. Principle of AssociationMore links=easier to recall


  3. discriminationwhere did they get it?


  4. Condry^(2) "Baby"schema


  5. Sears+Houland "Lynching"realistic conflict theory


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