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  1. minority influence
  2. social norms
  3. Bransford "laundry"
  4. Wilder
  5. realistic conflict theory
  1. a set of culturally transmitted expectations that do not require explicit reminders
  2. b conflict over limited resources
  3. c schema
  4. d not simply size of group that matters but # of independent opinions
  5. e minority needs to be consistent, unanimous, forceful, rational

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  1. self-fulfilling prophesy
  2. minority influence
  3. stereotyping
  4. behavior
  5. schema

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  1. stereotypesticks out from background


  2. informational conformitydesire to be right


  3. Loftus "Eyewitness"default value


  4. Milgram "Obedience"gender stereotypes


  5. Social Cognitioncan imagine memories, beliefs, thoughts, but can't see them


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