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  1. vernix caseosa
  2. undescended testes
  3. hydrocephalus
  4. omphalocele
  5. variocele
  1. a accumulation of excessive amounts of cerebrospinal fluid withing the ventricles of the brain. May note increased head circumference size.
  2. b enlarged veins of the spermatic cord commonly above the left testicle; sometimes purple and feel like a bundle of worms
  3. c no testicle in the scrotum by 39 weeks; empty sac or only one teste in the sac
  4. d herniation of intra abdominal viscera through a defect in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus
  5. e this, white substance that coats and protects the skin of the fetus; decreases at term

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  1. separation of the rectus abdominis muscle
  2. abnormally small at birth
  3. small opening present at the base of the spine
  4. adnormal smallness of the head; often seen in mental retardation
  5. dimple present at the base of the spine

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  1. pneumothoraxcongestion causing distention of the blood vessels. in the newborn often caused by excessive RBC's; sking color very red, ruddy


  2. impetigoswelling, a newborns abdomen often looks "big", distention is markedly big and feels tense


  3. microstomiacongenital defect in which the mouth is unusually small


  4. cleft lip/palateseparation in the oral facial region involving 1 or all of the following: lip, hard palate and soft tissue in the back of the mouth


  5. micrognathialocation of the heart in the right hemithorax instead of the left


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