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  1. club foot
  2. prematurity
  3. strabismus
  4. imperforate anus
  5. opthalmia neonatorum
  1. a anus without an opening
  2. b purulent destructive eye disease (conjunctivitis)
  3. c state of an infant bory any time prior to completion of the 37th week
  4. d sole of foot points medially, forefoot in curving an ankle in postion of toes pointing down and heel pointing up
  5. e turning inward or outward of the eyes (crossing)

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  1. dull red benign lesion, usually present at birth or appearing withing 2-3 months after. This type of birthmark is usually found on the face or neck and is well demarcated from the surrounding skin. It grows rapidly then regresses. It is caused by the proliferation of immature capillary vessels in active stroma.
  2. convulsion caused by a sudden discharge of electrical activity in the brain
  3. dimple present at the base of the spine
  4. firm, non tender mass in the midportion of the muscle. Usually seen with torticollis
  5. soft, skin covered protrusion of intestine and omentum through a weakness in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus

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  1. meningoceleprotrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, covered by skin or a thin membrane. spinal cord not involved so paralysis does not occure


  2. cyanosisconvulsion caused by a sudden discharge of electrical activity in the brain


  3. hip dysplasiainstability of the hip joint and the femur can be moved in and out


  4. encephalocelefailure of the anterior neural tube to close due to genetic, toxic or infectious reasons. the brain is actually outside the skull in a skin covered sack. Surgery can be performed to put the protruding sack back into the skull


  5. myleomeningoceleprotrusion of meninges through the spina bifida, degree of paralysis depends on the location. infant may also have hydrocephalous


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