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  1. retractions
  2. webbing
  3. hypospadias
  4. sepsis
  5. craniosynostosis
  1. a a skin fold that runs along the sides of the neck down to shoulders
  2. b premature fusion of 1 or more cranial sutures resulting in an abnormal head shap
  3. c meatus of penis may be abnormally located on the underside of the penis
  4. d when soft tissue around bones of chest are drawn in with the effort of pulling air into the lungs
  5. e infection, contamination

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  1. rapid heart rate. not unusual during the first hour of birth; abnormal if it continues
  2. failure of the vertebral arch to close.
  3. white cysts, 1-2mm in size, caused by distended sebaceous glands, resolve by 2 months
  4. fusion of fingers or toes
  5. intense, screaming cry.

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  1. distentionbacterial infection of the skin, caused by strptococci and marked by yellow to red, weeping and cristed or pustular lesions around the nose, mouth, cheeks or on the extremities.


  2. hemangiomabenign tumor of dilated blood vessels


  3. sextrophy of bladderabsence of part of the lower abdominal wall and anterior wall of the urinary bladder


  4. omphaloceleherniation of intra abdominal viscera through a defect in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus


  5. diaphragmatic herniadiaphragm fails to fuse and a large or small part of abdominal contents moves into the chest cavity.


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