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  1. retractions
  2. chemical conjunctivitis
  3. craniosynostosis
  4. erthroblastosis fetalis
  5. lethargic
  1. a results from an aseptic nature and usually occurs with the induction of silver nitrate which is used prophylactic in the newborn for infectious conjunctivitis
  2. b hemolytic disease of the newborn marked by anemia, jaundice, enlargement of the liver and spleen, and generalized edema
  3. c sleepiness, drowsiness, somnolence, or mental sluggishness
  4. d premature fusion of 1 or more cranial sutures resulting in an abnormal head shap
  5. e when soft tissue around bones of chest are drawn in with the effort of pulling air into the lungs

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  1. lacy red patter from dilated blood vessels under the skin
  2. limited neck motion in which infant will hold head to one side with chin pointing to the opposite side
  3. a sign of pyloric stenosis
  4. small opening present at the base of the spine
  5. enlarged veins of the spermatic cord commonly above the left testicle; sometimes purple and feel like a bundle of worms

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  1. congenital dwarfismimproper aqueous outflow causes intraocular pressure resulting in vision loss


  2. lanugofine soft hair covering the fetus


  3. syndactylymore than normal number of fingers or toes


  4. strabismusturning inward or outward of the eyes (crossing)


  5. undescended testesobstruction of the small intestine in newborn caused by impaction


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