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  1. prematurity
  2. congenital dwarfism
  3. grunting
  4. dextrocardia
  5. hydrocele
  1. a noise made on expiration when pressure increased within the alveoli help keep them open.persistent grunting is a common sign of respiratory distress syndrome
  2. b enlargement of one or both sides of the scrotum
  3. c location of the heart in the right hemithorax instead of the left
  4. d state of an infant bory any time prior to completion of the 37th week
  5. e abnormally small at birth

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  1. firm, non tender mass in the midportion of the muscle. Usually seen with torticollis
  2. turning inward or outward of the eyes (crossing)
  3. small, white, hard inclusion systs found on the hard palate and gums
  4. accumulation of excessive amounts of cerebrospinal fluid withing the ventricles of the brain. May note increased head circumference size.
  5. separation of the rectus abdominis muscle

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  1. miliainfection, contamination


  2. retractionsa wound or irregular tear of the flesh


  3. physiological jaundicenonpathological jaundice affecting newborns. It manifests 48 to 72 hours after birth, lasts only a few days, and does not require therapy


  4. acyanotic defectherniation of intra abdominal viscera through a defect in the abdominal wall around the umbilicus


  5. syndactylyfusion of fingers or toes


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