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  1. creative reason
  2. Experiences
  3. Pineal gland
  4. Necessarily
  5. Soul
  1. a According to John Locke, the universe was made of two substances: the immaterial part of man that thinks or the spritual substance is _____, and ____ + matter = human
  2. b According to David Hume, we can never be (directly) aware of ourselves (the "I") only ________.
  3. c act
  4. d According to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.
  5. e According to St. Thomas, Human beings ________ must have a body

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  1. Believed that the soul is the "I" in the strict; we can't know without experience
  2. According to St. Augustine, ____ = rational being actualizing its essence to be a full human being
  3. According to Immanuel Kant, what i am in myself is completely _____________.
  4. he supported classical metaphysics.
    He believed that all we know is that there are successions of ideas in the mind
  5. Living the good life towards perfections, supported by Immanuel kant

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  1. old behavioristsBut many would say today that the __________ didn't quite get it either


  2. ConsciousnessAccording to John Locke, substances can be known via the ______ of the ideas they produce


  3. Sum res cogitansHe believed in thinking substance (mind, soul) and "extended" or bodily (material)


  4. I am a thinking thing/beingAccording to Rene descartes, consciousness refers to __________.


  5. John LockeHe denies the Augustinian view of fallen men (i.e. orginal sin)
    (empiricist view)


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