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  1. Pineal gland
  2. The self = soul
  3. David Hume
  4. Governs our moral and ethical life
  5. Nutritive soul
  1. a plants
  2. b According to Immanuel Kant, it also has an ethical value and can be that "I" which _________________
  3. c According to Immanuel Kant, __________ is merely an unknown something but a respresentation of an unknown which thinks
  4. d According to Rene Descartes, activity coordinate via the _______.
  5. e he supported classical metaphysics.
    He believed that all we know is that there are successions of ideas in the mind

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  1. According to John Locke, the universe was made of two substances: the immaterial part of man that thinks or the spritual substance is _____, and ____ + matter = human
  2. believed that the soul will enjoy beatitude or suffering for eternity after death.
  3. some said fire, some said thin air, some said particle (atom)
  4. According to Immanuel Kant, _______ is not writing on the blank slate, it is active
  5. According to David Hume, we can never be (directly) aware of ourselves (the "I") only ________.

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  1. passive reasonpotency


  2. ImpersonalAccording to Immanuel Kant, the soul is essentially ________, more like a quality


  3. CompositeAccording to St, Augstine, the soul and body is a


  4. SoulAccording to St. Augustine, who is in control


  5. reasonAccording to Aristotle, the soul has the faculty or power of


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