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  1. Rene Descartes
  2. Introspection
  3. I am a thinking thing/being
  4. World soul
  5. Soul
  1. a According to Immanuel Kant, _____ in itself, is an empty idea
  2. b According to John B. Watson, in an attempt to circumvent the concept of __________
  3. c created by Mr. Demiurge, as well as the souls of the planets as well as all individual "human soul"
  4. d He believed that the soul can will, feel, reaon, have passions as the mind directs
  5. e Sum res cogitans

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  1. Living the good life towards perfections, supported by Immanuel kant
  2. According to David Hume, immortal, "independent" soul as an entity must be ________.
  3. According to Rene Descartes, the soul is _________.
  4. According to Immanuel Kant, the soul = "I" must be immortal so it __________
  5. He gave validity to phenomina (i.e. experiences) and so the soul was just a bundle of perceptions in continual flux; " a jumble of perceptions"

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  1. A compositeAccording to St. Thomas, he believed that the good of the "_____" soul united to the body


  2. OntologicalAccording to John Locke, consciousness accompanies _______.


  3. immaterial or "spiritual"Accordng to G.W. Von Leibniz, the soul is a monald; a unit of ________ force


  4. sarxAccording to St. Augustine, who is in control


  5. passive reasonpotency


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