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  1. The presocratics
  2. Matter
  3. Impersonal
  4. Nutritive soul, sensitive soul, and rational soul
  5. Lived experience and sensory activation
  1. a some said fire, some said thin air, some said particle (atom)
  2. b flesh
  3. c According to John Locke, mind is formed by ______________ and ______________.
  4. d According to Aristotle, the degrees of souls:
  5. e According to Immanuel Kant, the soul is essentially ________, more like a quality

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  1. According to John B. Watson, didn't agree with this, considered too hard to quantify by _______________
  2. According to Aristotle, soul has little to do with ____.
  3. According to G.W. Von Leibniz, ________ organizes the bodily monads into an integrated whole
  4. animals
  5. According to Immanuel Kant, _______ is not writing on the blank slate, it is active

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  1. A compositeAccording to Rene Descartes, man is still more than just a _____.


  2. Categorical imperativeLiving the good life towards perfections, supported by Immanuel kant


  3. DiscountAccording to St. Augustine, the ____ directed, animates the body


  4. SoulAccording to Aristotle, he held that wherever there is life, there is a


  5. St. AugustineAccording to who, he also believed in human embrology: working through the levels


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