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Week seven Test

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  1. A composite
  2. Composite
  3. creative reason
  4. Soul
  5. Governs our moral and ethical life
  1. a According to St, Augstine, the soul and body is a
  2. b According to St. Augustine, who is in control
  3. c According to Immanuel Kant, it also has an ethical value and can be that "I" which _________________
  4. d act
  5. e According to St. Thomas, he believed that the good of the "_____" soul united to the body

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  1. He denied that the soul accounts for personal identity
  2. But many would say today that the __________ didn't quite get it either
  3. According to Immanuel Kant, __________ is merely an unknown something but a respresentation of an unknown which thinks
  4. soul
  5. immortal

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  1. DiscountAccording to John B. Watson, ultimately would _________ the notion of soul or mind as an "entity"


  2. G.W. Von LeibnizWho was influenced by St. Paul and by the "Neo Platonic" school


  3. Soulsoul


  4. Pre-existentAccording to ______, soul and body.
    1. there is no inner/outer contrast.


  5. passive reasonimmortal


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