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  1. Savant
  2. caustic
  3. Grandiose
  4. brazen
  5. stultifying
  1. a causing to be useless, crippling, causing to appear stupid. The teacher ___ his position in the classroom if he permits bad behavior.
  2. b shameless, insolent, disrespectful. Pinching that woman was a very ___ act.
  3. c sarcastically biting, acrid. Critics are known for their ___ remarks about movies that they do not like.
  4. d A scholar, a learned person. Woodrow Wilson is an example of a ___ who became president.
  5. e Impressive, imposing. They have ___ plans to build a new football stadium.

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  1. Size or dimensions (usually the measure around a body). To be a sumo wrestler, one must have a large ___.
  2. Speaking in a monotonous tone; a continuous low humming sound. I could hardly endure the constant ___ of the speaer's voice.
  3. A recent convert, beginner, novice. Being a ___ to surfing, he is having trouble catching a wave.
  4. Incapable of being expressed in speech or words. Her delight in beeing selected as a cheerleader was ___.
  5. Lacking clarity of feature or sharpness of outline. She had a ___ recollection of the meeting with the man, unable to provide any specific facts about it.

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  1. UnequivocalWithout a doubt, clear. The president stated in an ___ manner, "If nominated, I will run; nd if elected, I will serve".


  2. ObtuseDull of mind, insensitive, stupid. His ___ response to the question showed that he did not understand the nature of the discussion.


  3. InceptionIncapable of being expressed in speech or words. Her delight in beeing selected as a cheerleader was ___.


  4. RantTo rave,to speak in a loud and attacking manner. He ___ constantly about how everyone is out to get him.


  5. comiserateto express sympathy. I ___ with the family abou their loss.


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