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  1. Troupe
  2. caustic
  3. Nebulous
  4. Parable
  5. comiserate
  1. a to express sympathy. I ___ with the family abou their loss.
  2. b A company or group-- Usually theatrical performers. A Shakespeare ___ is coming to town to perform Macbeth.
  3. c sarcastically biting, acrid. Critics are known for their ___ remarks about movies that they do not like.
  4. d A short, ficticious story that has a moral. Jesus often imparted knowledge to his disciples through ___.
  5. e Lacking clarity of feature or sharpness of outline. She had a ___ recollection of the meeting with the man, unable to provide any specific facts about it.

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  1. A scholar, a learned person. Woodrow Wilson is an example of a ___ who became president.
  2. to degrade, to humiliate. the bitter woman deliberately set out to ___ her husband in public.
  3. Dull of mind, insensitive, stupid. His ___ response to the question showed that he did not understand the nature of the discussion.
  4. causing to be useless, crippling, causing to appear stupid. The teacher ___ his position in the classroom if he permits bad behavior.
  5. The beginning of something. Joe has worked for the company since its ___ in 1935.

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  1. VapidTo rave,to speak in a loud and attacking manner. He ___ constantly about how everyone is out to get him.


  2. Neophyteto renounce, to give up power. In order to marry the commoner, the king had to ___ his thr


  3. enunciateto pronounce clearly. Please ___ your response so that everyone can understand you.


  4. IneffableIncapable of being expressed in speech or words. Her delight in beeing selected as a cheerleader was ___.


  5. abdicateto renounce, to give up power. In order to marry the commoner, the king had to ___ his thr


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