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  1. Primary Tissues of Roots
  2. Cork Cambium
  3. Vascular Cambium
  4. Dicots
  5. Spongy Parenchyma
  1. a -Protoderm
    -Ground Meristem
  2. b -Produces a tough, thick covering for roots and stems that replaces the epidermis
    -Form to the outside
  3. c lower half of leaf cells equipped to perform photosynthesis
  4. d -Produced secondary xylem and phloem
    -Xylem forms inside (wood)
    Phloem forms outside
  5. e -Ground tissue includes PITH (inside) and CORTEX (outside)
    -Vascular bundles are arranged in a RING with XYLEM facing PITH (inside)
    PHLOEM facing CORTEX (outside)

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  1. -Vascular cambium and cork cambium are also present in roots
    -In roots and periderm is water resistant so... the secondary xylem and phloem anchor the plant and transport nutrients
  2. Central Cylinder
  3. -Forms a stele where xylem and phloem develop
    (difference between monocots and dicots!)
  4. -Above the zone of cell division
    -Cells elongate to at least 10x their original length
    -Elongation of cells here pushes the root tip through soil
  5. Located in root tips and shoot buds; involved in primary growth

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  1. Palisade parenchymaUpper half of leaf; cellsare collum-shaped


  2. Primary Growth-The root tip contains 3 zones of cells
    -Near tip of rot
    -The root is covered by root cap which protects meristem and secretes a polysaccharide coating that lubricates the soil ahead of the growing root


  3. BarkAll tissues external to the vascular cmabium (phloem)


  4. StomataCentral Cylinder


  5. Secondary GrowthThickening of roots and shoots


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