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  1. Palisade parenchyma
  2. Monocots
  3. Secondary Growth in Roots (in cork)
  4. Ground Maristem
  5. Primary Tissues of Roots
  1. a Upper half of leaf; cellsare collum-shaped
  2. b -located between protoderm and procambium
    -Has endodermis (innermost layer of cortex; forms boundary between cortex and stele)
    -Stores food
    -FIlls the cortex (root area between stele and epidermis)
    -Gives rise to ground tissue system
  3. c -Protoderm
    -Ground Meristem
  4. d -Vascular bundles scattered randomly (PIZZA)
    -Stem ground tissue is mostly parenchyma
  5. e -Vascular cambium and cork cambium are also present in roots
    -In roots and periderm is water resistant so... the secondary xylem and phloem anchor the plant and transport nutrients

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  1. -Above the zone of cell division
    -Cells elongate to at least 10x their original length
    -Elongation of cells here pushes the root tip through soil
  2. The combination of cork cambium and layers of cork (xylem)
  3. -The root tip contains 3 zones of cells
    -Near tip of rot
    -The root is covered by root cap which protects meristem and secretes a polysaccharide coating that lubricates the soil ahead of the growing root
  4. -Vacular tissue is organized into strands of vascular bundles that run the length of the stem
    -Each vascular bundle is surrounded by ground tissue
    -These converge at the shoot - root transition to join the root stele
  5. -Produced secondary xylem and phloem
    -Xylem forms inside (wood)
    Phloem forms outside

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  1. Apical MeristemsPerpetually embryonic tissues


  2. Zone of Maturation-Located farthest from the root tip
    -Where new cells become specialized


  3. BarkCentral Cylinder


  4. Tissue Organization of Leaves-Epidermis


  5. DICOTS HAVE....Two mesophyll regions


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