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control of ventilation Test

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  1. ___pumps up breathing in a gradual process
  2. in excercise there is increased
  3. obstructive disease with collapsed alveoli become complianr and flabby
  4. in cheyne stokes there is co2 buildup but it is not sensed by__causing delay
  5. the hydrogens that activate system come from
  1. a carbon dioxide
  2. b ventialtion
  3. c ramp
  4. d respiratory neurons
  5. e emphsema

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. cheyne stokes
  2. chemoreceptors
  3. pneumotaxic center
  4. filling lungs
  5. carbon dioxide

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  1. can cross the bbbhydrogen


  2. ventricle location of medulla oblongata4th ventricle


  3. disease where something is blocking airflowobstructive


  4. chemoreceptors and baroreceptors are located inmedulla oblongata


  5. sense changes in blood pressurechemoreceptors


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