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  1. chemoreceptors and baroreceptors are located in
  2. in obstructive disease it will take more time to
  3. respiratory group active in respiratory drive; expiration/inspiration; high altitide, excercise
  4. ventricle location of medulla oblongata
  5. after excercise___increases
  1. a ventral
  2. b carbon dioxide
  3. c carotid body
  4. d empty lungs
  5. e 4th ventricle

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  1. ph
  2. hydrogen
  3. chemoreceptors
  4. carbon dioxide
  5. dorsal

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  1. a type of periodic choppy breathingcheyne stokes


  2. disease where there is buildup of fluid and wbc affecting alveolar exchangepneomnia


  3. respiratory center is protected by theblood brain barrier


  4. obstructive disease with collapsed alveoli become complianr and flabbyemphsema


  5. responsible for stimulating the chemosensitive areaph


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