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  1. in cheyne stokes there is co2 buildup but it is not sensed by__causing delay
  2. after excersise____drop
  3. in restrictive disease the patient has trouble
  4. the hydrogens that activate system come from
  1. a ventialtion
  2. b filling lungs
  3. c carbon dioxide
  4. d respiratory neurons

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  1. empty lungs
  2. ventialtion
  3. pneumotaxic center
  4. carotid body
  5. hydrogen

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  1. respiratry center is located inmedulla oblongata


  2. in excercise___levels dropventialtion


  3. disease where volume cpacity is affectedrestrictive


  4. a type of periodic choppy breathingcarbon dioxide


  5. when oxygen levels drop you needcarbon dioxide


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