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  1. extreme athletes can train to not have a co2 drop in excercise by the help of
  2. in obstructive disease it will take more time to
  3. ___pumps up breathing in a gradual process
  4. respiratory group active in respiratory drive; expiration/inspiration; high altitide, excercise
  5. disease where something is blocking airflow
  1. a ramp
  2. b empty lungs
  3. c obstructive
  4. d neurogenic factors
  5. e ventral

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  1. filling lungs
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. hydrogen
  4. hydrogen
  5. pCO2

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  1. ventricle location of medulla oblongata4th ventricle


  2. when oxygen levels drop you needcarbon dioxide


  3. secondary ventilation triggerpCO2


  4. after excersise____dropventialtion


  5. disease where there is buildup of fluid and wbc affecting alveolar exchangeobstructive


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