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  1. ataxia
  2. myo
  3. Cutting needle
  4. kelly hemostat forceps
  5. circum
  1. a Grasping instrument. (Note that the serrations do not go all the way. Because Kelly is a good girl - well...)
  2. b easier to penetrate through tough tissue. penetrating with a taper needle is hard and may cause excess trauma to the skin because of difficulty and need to grasp the skin tightly with forceps.
  3. c muscle
  4. d lack of coordination of voluntary muscle
  5. e around

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  1. used for small cuts
  2. Pimple; small circumscribed elevation on the skin that contains no fluid but may develop pus.
  3. low calcium levels in the blood
  4. hemostatic crushing forceps with straight or curved jaws, transverse grooves over entire jaw surface.
  5. half

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  1. cryptohidden


  2. minimal units of 1cc.1cc


  3. opthalmeye


  4. enterosame


  5. suture scissorshook to cut stitches


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