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  1. bachus towel forcep
  2. rochester carmalt forceps
  3. entero
  4. hyper
  5. ataxia
  1. a clamping across tissue containing vessels. used to crush vessels of the body of the uterus in a ovarianhysterectomy
  2. b holds drapes in place
  3. c intestine
  4. d over, above
  5. e lack of coordination of voluntary muscle

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  1. long nose
  2. on chest
  3. one. single
  4. side position
  5. skin rash

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  1. glosstongue


  2. bradyslow


  3. pseudomarrow, spinal cord


  4. 12 bladeused for declaws


  5. rochester ochsner forcepsTo grasp tissue. used to declaw p3, holds nail to cut


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