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  1. lipo
  2. brady
  3. bucco
  4. brachycephalic
  5. cerebro
  1. a short nose
  2. b fat
  3. c slow
  4. d brain
  5. e over, abovecheek

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  1. To grasp tissue. used to declaw p3, holds nail to cut
  2. hemostatic crushing forceps with straight or curved jaws, transverse grooves over entire jaw surface.
  3. similar to conventional except cutting edge faces down, not up. decreases likelihood of sutures pulling through tissue in some cases.
  4. circular muscle which maintains costriction of a natural body passageway
  5. easier to penetrate through tough tissue. penetrating with a taper needle is hard and may cause excess trauma to the skin because of difficulty and need to grasp the skin tightly with forceps.

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  1. minimal units of 3ccconnections from branches of arteries to provide alternate routes for blood flow.


  2. uritcariaskin rash


  3. mesocephalicshort nose


  4. homeosame


  5. pseudoa small inflamed elevation of skin containing pus


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