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  1. 11 blade
  2. reverse cutting needle
  3. crile forceps
  4. minimal units of 20cc, 30cc, 50cc, 60cc
  5. lipo
  1. a 1ml
  2. b used for small cuts
  3. c hemostatic crushing forceps with straight or curved jaws, transverse grooves over entire jaw surface.
  4. d fat
  5. e similar to conventional except cutting edge faces down, not up. decreases likelihood of sutures pulling through tissue in some cases.

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  1. side position
  2. most common surgical needle in small animal medicin
  3. tissue
  4. short nose
  5. on chest

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  1. kelly hemostat forcepsGrasping instrument. (Note that the serrations do not go all the way. Because Kelly is a good girl - well...)


  2. bachus towel forcepholds drapes in place


  3. minimal units of 5cc, 6cc, 10cc, 12cc,.2cc


  4. minimal units of 3ccside position


  5. circumaround


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