Chapter 31

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ancient greece's gifts to the modern world

What does "Eureka" mean in Greek?

I have found it.

What does the word "alphabet" come from?

The first two Greek letters of the alphabet, alpha and beta.

How does the ancient Greek language influence the English language?

the way we write sentences , the rules of grammar, punctuation,and paragraphing, and literature

What did the people of ancient Greece believe illnesses were caused by?

they believed that the gods controlled natural events,including health and illness.

How are Greek architectural styles used in buildings?

pediments, freezes... Add more

Complete the sentence: The practice of having citizens serve on __________ began in Greece.


Who was called "Father Of Modern Medicine?"


What does the word "theater" mean in Greek?

a viewing place

_____________ and ___________ made important advances in geometry that are still taught today.

Pythagoras and Euclid

What did Aristotle divide plants into?

Herbs, shrubs, and trees

What are some types of buildings in which you commonly might see examples of Greek architecture in the United States?

the white house

What is a stoa?

A covered porch

What Greek root words make the word telephone and what do they mean?

The Greek roots "tele" meaning "far off" and "phone" meaning "voice"

Who were the two Greek writers we learned about and which one was called the "father of history?"

Herodotus and Thucydides. (Herodotus)

Where did democracy begin?


What is another name for democracy?

rule by the people

What are the three things that doctors promise in the Hippocratic Oath?

Doctors promise to be honest, to preserve life, and to keep information about their patients private.

What two things did Greek medical students discover about the human body?

1.The heart is a pump that sends blood flowing throughout the body
2. The brain is the center of the nervous system

Who were the 3 mathematicians that we learned about?

Pythagoras, Euclid, and Hypatia

What does astronomy mean in Greek?


Who was Aristarchus and what did he do that made him famous?

He was the 1st person to suggest that Earth moves around the sun.

Who was Hipparchus and what did he do that made him famous?

He studied and named more than 850 stars he also estimated the distances from Earth to both the sun and the moon. Theories led to correctly predicting eclipses of the moon.

_______________ was a famous Greek geographer.


Ptolemy made what?

a system of lines drawn on a map called latitude and longitude and he wrote GEOGRAPHIA which listed 8000 places

How did Aristotle classify animals?

"those with backbones" and "those without backbones"

What word does architecture come from?

a Greek word that means "master builder"

Why were the Olympic Games held?

To honor Zeus

In Greece, the Olympic Games were held every _________ years.


What does pentathalon mean?

"five contests"

Ptolemy made the system of ________ and _______.

Longitude and Latitude

What events did the Pentatholon include?

footrace, discus throw, long jump, javelin throw, and wrestling.

The word architecture means what translated from Greek?

master builder

Where was the Olympic torch lit?

It was lit on the Altar of Zeus.

how did archimedes discover volume?

he filled up a bath tub and got in so it over flowed

what book did thucydides write? HINT: he eyewitness the event that the book is named for.


what kind of democracy did ancient greece have?

direct democracy

what kind of democracy does the united states have?

representative democracy

who did the greeks believed controlled natrual events?

the GODS.... gods... gods...gods

what did hippocrates teach his medical students to do for patients.

he taught them to take notes about them

what is one reason people were so intrested in athletics?

athletics gave greeks knowlidge of body movement

did cutting bodies open please the gods?


what does geometry mean?

to measure land

what did hypatia teach in alexandria?


what are the two categories of greek plays?

comedy and tragety

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