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  1. émigrés
  2. January 21, 1793
  3. August, 1789
  4. Nationalism
  5. July 5, 1809
  1. a Execution of Louis XVI
  2. b Love of ones country rather than love of one's religion.
  3. c Emigrants, a constant source of trouble for France.
  4. d Arrest of Pope Pius VII
  5. e Declaration of the rights of man adopted

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  1. All former ruling families should be restored to their thrones.
  2. Make the laws. The Congress.
  3. Interprets and aplies the laws. The federal courts.
  4. The act of the army who fought against the revolutionists because they were in favor of the Old Regime.
  5. Those who had no extreme views regarding the Revolution.

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  1. LiberalismExtended the principles of the American and French Revolutions with their ideals of individual rights and the rule of law.


  2. November 3, 1795First Constitution proclaimed


  3. June, 1789Storming of the Bastille


  4. ReactionA time after the Napoleonic era where those in power wanted to return to the conditions of an earlier period. Led by Reactionaries.


  5. 1790Civil Constitution of the Clergy


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