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  1. January 21, 1793
  2. December 2, 1804
  3. Legitimacy
  4. Conservatives
  5. Nationalism
  1. a All former ruling families should be restored to their thrones.
  2. b Execution of Louis XVI
  3. c Napoleon crowned Emperor of France
  4. d Those who did not want to change the existing conditions, who thought the Revolution had gone on too long.
  5. e Love of ones country rather than love of one's religion.

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  1. A compensation to other nations for damages inflicted on them.
  2. The draft. Stated that all unmarried able-bodied men from 18-25 years of age were liable for military services.
  3. Women's march upon Versailles
  4. Louis XVIII enters Paris (Bourbon dynasty restored)
  5. The act of the army who fought against the revolutionists because they were in favor of the Old Regime.

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  1. September 1793 - July 1794Reign of Terror


  2. Second EstateThe rest of the population of France. 97% of the population. Split into three groups.


  3. Bill of RightsGuarantees certain rights of every US citizen. Freedom of religion, speech, press, assembly, and petition.


  4. RationalismThe belief that truth can be arrived at solely by reason and logical thinking.


  5. EnlightenmentThe 83 divided parts of France during the Revolution, reformed by the National Assembly.


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