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  1. Rationalism
  2. Legislative Branch
  3. Legitimacy
  4. Enlightened Despotism
  5. Second Estate
  1. a The nobility. 2% of the population.
  2. b All former ruling families should be restored to their thrones.
  3. c The belief that truth can be arrived at solely by reason and logical thinking.
  4. d A system of government in which absolute monarchs ruled according to the principles of the Enlightenment.
  5. e Make the laws. The Congress.

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  1. City dwelling middle class. Professional people.
  2. King's Flight to Varennes
  3. Seizure of power by force.
  4. The 83 divided parts of France during the Revolution, reformed by the National Assembly.
  5. Just laws and wise governments must be created by and subject to the will of the people.

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  1. September 3, 1791First Constitution proclaimed


  2. NationalismLove of ones country rather than love of one's religion.


  3. SalonsGatherings of the social, political, and cultural elite.


  4. 1774Louis XVI becomes king


  5. ConscriptionThe draft. Stated that all unmarried able-bodied men from 18-25 years of age were liable for military services.


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