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  1. Sans-culottes
  2. October, 1789
  3. November 3, 1795
  4. Reaction
  5. Legislative Branch
  1. a Make the laws. The Congress.
  2. b A time after the Napoleonic era where those in power wanted to return to the conditions of an earlier period. Led by Reactionaries.
  3. c Directory begins
  4. d The poorest class during the Revolution in France, led miserable and terror filled lives.
  5. e Women's march upon Versailles

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  1. Tennis Court Oath
  2. King's Flight to Varennes
  3. Louis XVIII enters Paris (Bourbon dynasty restored)
  4. The French Concordat with the Catholic Church
  5. Execution of Louis XVI

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  1. July, 1789Tennis Court Oath


  2. Scorched-earth policyThe tactic of burning or destroying crops and everything else that might be of value to the invaders.


  3. 1774Louis XVI becomes king


  4. BourgeoisieCity dwelling middle class. Professional people.


  5. IndemnityA compensation to other nations for damages inflicted on them.


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