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  1. False
  2. Evacuate
  3. 5
  4. Store equipment properly
  5. Ergonomics
  1. a The employee's responsibility is to follow rules, maintain vaccines and to:
  2. b How many fire prevention steps are there?
  3. c In the Healthcare Professional Safety, you don't have to use correct posture and good body mechanics.
  4. d John returns inside the facility to help other patient's get out during the fire alarm.
    What RACE steps is he doing?
  5. e study of work place design and equipment used by employee's to promote comfort, efficiency, and safety.

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  1. Who requires companies to have MSDS?
  2. What does R. A. C. E. mean?
  3. Tonya is a radiation technician, what sign would she usually see in her work area?
  4. What is one of the fire prevention rules?
  5. Alex needed to get Mr. Smith out of bed. Mr. Smith has a staphylococcal infection in his lower leg. What sign would Alex find on Mr. Smith's door?

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  1. Burning or combustible metalsA class "D" fire covers what kind of fires?


  2. TrueHow many fire prevention steps are there?


  3. Do not remove object, get helpWhat do you do if you get a foreign object in your eye?


  4. ContainWho requires companies to have MSDS?


  5. FalseLift heavy items alone.


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