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  1. Evacuate
  2. Borken equipment
  3. Do not clutter exits, store flammable materials properly, obey no smoking signs, check for damaged cords, and observe special precautions.
  4. OSHA
  5. Electrical fires
  1. a John returns inside the facility to help other patient's get out during the fire alarm.
    What RACE steps is he doing?
  2. b Where would you see a "do not operate sign"?
  3. c What is one of the fire prevention rules?
  4. d Class "C" fires consist of?
  5. e Who requires companies to have MSDS?

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  1. The employee's responsibility is to follow rules, maintain vaccines and to:
  2. What does P. A. S. S. mean?
  3. How many types of classes of fire types are there?
  4. The employer's responsibility is to have safety equipment, an injury prevention plan, and:
  5. Lift heavy items alone.

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  1. TrueAvoid twisting your body as you work.


  2. Oxygen, Heat, FuelWhat 3 things do you need to have a fire?


  3. TrueWho requires companies to have MSDS?


  4. False, the baseTure or False: you should always aim at the top of the fire?


  5. Contaminated itemsAs John leaves his Patient's room, he pull's their door ****. What part of the RACE steps is he doing?


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