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  1. Limits on Recovery
  2. Contributory Negligence
  3. Mutual Mistake
  4. Violation of Statutes
  5. Consideration
  1. a Both parties have a common but erroneous belief forming the basis of a contract
  2. b Plaintiff assumes the risk when defendants negligence consists of a violation of statute. i.e. Guest knowingly rides in a car with no headlights at night
  3. c exchange of things of value
  4. d is when the victim did something that helped cause his or her own injury
  5. e Damages must have been mitigated, be measureable with reasonable certainty, be foreseeable and be caused be the breach

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  1. The appearance or the assumption of authority based on the actions, words, or deeds of the principal or because of circumstances the principal created.
  2. an exemption that precludes bringing a suit against the sovereign government without the government's consent
  3. the people directly concerned with or taking part in any legal matter
  4. a court will award money or other relief to a party injured by a breach of contract
  5. Insurance that covers liability loss exposures arising from a business organization's premisses and operations, its products, or rits completed work. Usually in 1 year segments with a cap of coverage

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  1. Trespassersomeone who is walking past a place by chance


  2. Cost ConditionsA cause and effect relationship in which one variable controls the changes in another variable.


  3. Compensatory Damagesa business owned by one or more shareholders and managed by a board of directors


  4. Inviteea visitor to whom hospitality is extended


  5. Bettermentan improvement that adds to the value of a property or facility


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