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  1. Mutual Assent
  2. Industry Custom
  3. Custom
  4. Integration Clause
  5. Ownership of Drawings
  1. a Practice routinely followed by agroup of people.
  2. b aka meeting of the minds or intent to contract. Requires both offer and acceptance
  3. c Similar to reasonable person standard, but for specific jobs and careers
  4. d In most circumstances, the architect ultimately retains the rights to the drawings produced for the owner
  5. e Contract clause stating that both parties agree that the terms written in the contract constitute the entire and final agreement.

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  1. Occurs when one party to a contract is not given full or accurate information by the other party about the contract subject matter
  2. 1. Duty 2. Breach 3. Causation 4. Damage
  3. A doctrine that says if a shareholder dominates a corporation and uses it for improper purposes, a court of equity can:
    Disregard the corporate entity, and
    Hold the shareholder personally liable for the corporation's debts and obligations
  4. someone who is walking past a place by chance
  5. Duty to protect people on your property. Heightened for an invitee

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  1. American Rulewhere each party pays their own fees


  2. Non-delegable dutyAn obligation that cannot be given to a 3rd party


  3. Trial Process..., -(1) pretrial
    -(2) trial
    -(3) posttrial


  4. Litigation Processwhen both sides prepare for trial, gather evidence, interview witnesses, hire private investigators, etc.


  5. Bid BondA contract bond guaranteeing that the project will be free of liens.


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