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  1. Cost Conditions
  2. Mutual Mistake
  3. Statute of Frauds
  4. Parties
  5. Parole Evidence Rule
  1. a the people directly concerned with or taking part in any legal matter
  2. b an evidentiary rule that a written contract cannot be modified or changed by prior verbal agreements
  3. c State law requires certain instruments, such as deeds, real estate sales contracts and certain leases, to be in writing to be legally enforceable
  4. d In some cases, if a project is not bid under a guaranteed amount by the designer, the fees will be reduced or eliminated
  5. e Both parties have a common but erroneous belief forming the basis of a contract

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  1. a representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations
  2. When an owner gives a contractor a set of plans, there is an implied warranty that the plans are accurate and the project can be built. i.e. it is not the contractors fault if the soils are bad
  3. A contract bond guaranteeing that the project will be free of liens.
  4. voluntarily and knowingly subjecting oneself to danger
  5. where each party pays their own fees

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  1. Statute of Limitationsa statute prescribing the time period during which legal action can be taken


  2. Inviteea representative who acts on behalf of other persons or organizations


  3. Remedies..., (civil law) a law established by following earlier judicial decisions


  4. Sole Proprietora business owned and controlled by one person.


  5. Proximate Causeis the cause that immediately and directly results in a specific event. if a person can eleminate any one of the 4 elemants, the lawsuit will not be successful.


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