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  1. Describe the following court case:
    a. Marbury v. Madison
  2. What were three significant results of Andrew Jackson's policies toward the American
  3. "Extending nearly ten degrees of latitude along the Pacific, and embracing the only safe and commodious harbors on that coast for many hundred miles, with a temperate climate and an extensive interior of fertile lands, it is scarcely possible t estimate its wealth until it shall be brought under the government of our laws and its resources fully developed. From its position it must command the rich commerce of China, of Asia, of the islands of the Pacific, of western Mexico, of Central America, the South American States, and of the Russian possessions bordering on that ocean. A great emporium will doubtless speedily arise on the California coast which may be
    destined to rival in importance New Orleans itself."
    -President James K. Polk, State of the Union Address, December 5, 1848

    Why does President Polk argue California should become a part of the United States
  4. What is the title of the picture and who created it?
    [insert picture of creepy lady in weird spirit form flying with the people and settlers moving west here]
  5. What century does the most territorial expansion of the United States take place?
  1. a Established Judicial Review
  2. b American Progress by John Gast
  3. c Early 19th Century
  4. d -Indian Removal
    -Worcester v. Georgia
    - Trail of Tears
  5. e The land may produce many riches

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  1. It gave specific guidelines about founding territories and creating states
  2. When the population reaches 60,000 adult males the area can write a state constitution and apply for statehood. If Congress approves the state constitution, the area will become a state.
  3. Gained Support for the abolitionist movement
  4. To spread the principles of democratic government
  5. Rocky Mountains

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  1. What year did the United States purchase Louisiana? Who was the president when
    Louisiana was purchased?
    1803 and Thomas Jefferson was president


  2. What main action did many Americans carry out that was based on their belief of
    Manifest Destiny of the United States in the 1800s?
    1803 and Thomas Jefferson was president


  3. Why was the Gadsden Purchase so significant to American settlers' movement westward?Pioneers are shown moving West bringing new transportation and communication technologies with the angel guiding and protecting them.


  4. What were the significant reasons for the use of the following trails:

    -Mormon Trail
    -Santa Fe Trail
    -Oregon Trail
    -Indian Removal
    -Worcester v. Georgia
    - Trail of Tears


  5. What territories were added as a result of the U.S.-Mexican War?Kansas and Nebraska


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