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  1. 1-21 Rock-cut Temples, Mamallapuram, India, second half of seventh century Left to right: Dharmaraja, Bhima, Arjuna, Draupadi rathas
  2. 1-26 Death of the Buddha(Parinirvana), Gal Vihara,
    near Polonnaruwa, SriLanka, 11th to 12th century.
    Granulite, Buddha 46  long 10  high.
    The sculptor of this colossal recumbent Sri Lankan
    Buddha emulated the classicGupta style of a half
    millennium earlier in the figure's clinging robe,
    rounded face, and coiffure.
  3. milk maid
  4. 1-22 Rajarajeshvara Temple, Thanjavur, (southern) India, ca. 1010 - identification of parts
    Rajarajeshvara Temple, Thanjavur, India, ca. 1010
    The Rajarajeshvara Temple at Thanjavur is an
    example of the southern type of Hindu temple.
    Two flat-roofed mandapas lead to the garbha griha
    in the base of its 210-foot-tall pyramidal vimana.
  5. 1. Right understanding
    2. Right thought
    3. Right speech
    4. Right action
    5. Right livelihood
    6. Right effort
    7. Right mindfulness
    8. Right concentration

    The Buddha's path leads to enlightenment and nirvana
  1. a Who is Radha?
  2. b What is
  3. c
  4. d
  5. e

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  1. Who is Krishna?
  2. Who is Lakshmi?

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  1. 2-6 Taj Mahal Arial View ( Mughal )
    The tomb may have been conceived as the
    Throne of God perched above the gardens of Paradise on Judgment Day.


  2. multi armed, nimbus of fire, holds a drum, creator and destroyer of the world. Leg is lifted to show he can protect. Usually is dancing.Who is Shiva?


  3. Dancing devilWho is Radha?


  4. 1-18 Shiva as Mahadeva, cave 1, Elephanta, India, ca. 550-575. Basalt,Shiva 17 10  high
    3 faces= Bhairava- dangerous male
    Uma- balances/creative/pearls on head
    middle face is Shiva, balanced.


  5. 1-19 Vishnu Temple, Deogarh, India, early sixth century
    One of the first masonry Hindu temples,


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