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  1. 1-24 Mithuna reliefs, detail of the north side of the Vishvanatha Temple, Khajuraho, India, ca. 1000.
    Northern Hindu temples are usually decorated with reliefs depicting deities and amorous couples (mithunas). The erotic sculptures suggest
    the propagation of life and serve as protectors of the sacred precinct.
  2. 3-2 Yangshao Culture vases, from Gansu Province, China, mid-third millennium bce.
    Neolithic Chinese artists produced vessels of diverse shapes even before the invention of the potter's wheel and decorated them with abstract motifs in red and brownish-black on a cream-colored ground.
  3. The archer Yi(?) and a recep-tion in a mansion,
    Wu family shrine,Jiaxiang, China,(( Han dynasty))
    the hero Yi shoots down suns to save the Earth from scorching. To the right is a cere-monial scene in a Han mansion
  4. 2-9 Frederick W. Stevens, Victoria Terminus (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus), Mumbai (Bombay), India, 1878-1887. ( British in India )
    Victoria Terminus, named after Queen Victoria of England, is a monument to colonial rule. Designed by a British architect, it i s a European transplant
    to India, modeled on late medieval Venetian architecture.
  5. 1- 6) Lion Capital, Sarnath, India, sandstone, 7' high, ca. 250 BCE ( Maurya )
    Ashoka formulated a legal code based on the Buddha's teachings and inscribed those laws on columns erected throughout his kingdom. The
    lions on this capital once supported the Buddha's Wheel of the Law.
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  1. milk maidWhat is the lotus a sign for?


  2. Fighter, Devi can turn into DurgaWho is Devi?


  3. 1-21 Rock-cut Temples, Mamallapuram, India, second half of seventh century Left to right: Dharmaraja, Bhima, Arjuna, Draupadi rathas


  4. 1-30 Aerial view (looking northeast) of Angkor Wat, Angkor, Cambodia, first half of 12th century.
    Angkor Wat, built by Suryavarman II to associate the Khmer king with the god Vishnu, has five towers symbolizing the five peaks o f Mount Meru,
    the sacred mountain at the center of the universe.


  5. 1-3 Robed Male Figure,Mohenjo-daro, Pakistan, ca. 2000-1900 BCE, steatite, 6 7/8" high ( INDU )
    Little art survives from the Indus Civilization, and all of it is of small scale. This bearded figure, which scholars think represents a priest-king, has iconographic similarities to some Sumerian sculptures.


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