chapter 20 pt. 2

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what are prokaryotes

simple cells without a nucleus

what are the 2 domain of prokaryotes

bacteria and archea

what domain corresponds to the kingdom eubacteria


what domain corresponds to the kingdom Archaebacteria


list the charactreiatics of the domain bacteria

larger, live in fresh and salt water, land and in organisms, has a cell wall, contains peptidolgycan

list the characteristics or the domain archea

cell wall lacks peptidologycan, DNA sequences more like eukaryotes suggesting these are the ancestors to eukaryotes, Live in extremely harsh environments, some produce methane gas

prokaryotes differ in what

size, shape and the way they move

what are the 3 shapes of prokaryotes

round or cocci, rod or bacilli, and spiral or spirila

what are the four types of prokaryotes

Heterotrophs, Photohetertrophs, Photoautotrophs, Chemoautotrophs

are most bacteria good or bad


nitrogen fixing bacteria convert what

nitrogen in the air into a useable form that plants can use

when can good bacteria become bad

if it is in the wrong place

prokaryotes will grow until what

they double in size, then divide

what is Binary fission:

when one cell divides into 2

what is the main way that prokareyotes evovle

through mutation

what is conjugation:

a primitive form of sexual reproduction. Involves the exchange of a plasmid between two bacterial cells through a hollow bridge

what is an internal wall that encloses the DNA and part of the cytoplasm


when do endospres form

forms when conditions are not right for reproduction

what allows bacteria to survive for months or years


what obligate aerobe

with oxygen

what is obligate anaerobe

without oxygen

what is facultative anaerobe

survives without oxygen when necessary

what are pathogens

agents that cause diseases

what are the 2 ways bacteria produce diseases

Damage cells and tissuesm, and Release toxins that travel throughout the body interfering with normal activity

what are ways to prevent bacteria

vaccines and antibiotics

what are vaccines

weakened or dead pathogens are injected into the body stimulating the immune system to produce immunity to the disease

what are antibiotocis

compounds that block the growth and reproduction of the bacteria

what are ways to control bacteria

sterilization by heat, Disinfectants, Bacteria can evolve or mature to become resistant to antibiotic compounds, Food storage and processing

what are disinfectencts

chemical solution that kill bacteria

what are ways of identifying bacteria

Shape, Type of cell wall, Movement, What they feed on

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