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Semi-structured interviews Test

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  1. The client group that it appeals to is clients with a variety of disabilities and across all developmental stages.
  2. It is a semi-structured interview with a structure scoring method
  3. The interview would take 20-30mins to conduct and completion of the scale is 5-20mins. Depends on how well the therapist is familiar with the assessment.
  4. Work Environment Impact Scale
  5. Conducting the interview and completing the assessment can take between 30-60mins

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  1. Process of the WEISThere are 17 items that the client needs to reflect on. Each of these items is scored with a 4-point rating that indicates how the environment factor affects the workers performance, satisfaction, physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


  2. COPMWork Environment Impact Scale


  3. Process of OCAIRSThe client is graded on 12 distinct items and then rated on a scale.


  4. Process of the COPMIt has a 4 step process that include problem definition, priority setting, scoring and reassessement.


  5. Purpose of the WEISIs to detect change in a person's self perception over time


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