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  1. jouer de la batterie
  2. qu'est-ce tu penses de...?
  3. aller au cinéma
  4. faire du théâtre
  5. un café
  1. a to go to the movies
  2. b what do you think of...?
  3. c to play drums
  4. d to do theater/drama
  5. e café/coffee

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  1. to play guitar/piano
  2. why not?
  3. pretty well.
  4. do you play... well?
  5. toasted cheese sandwich with ham

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  1. il est génial!it's great!


  2. un appareil photo (numéique)toasted cheese sandwich with ham


  3. il est bon,...?is...any good?


  4. une raquette/une balleracket/(tennis) ball


  5. un sandwich au jambonham sandwich


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