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  1. Transmission of Shigella sonnei
  2. pyogenic
  3. Rheumatic fever ( S. pyogenes) transmission
  4. Prevention of Clostridium perfringen
  5. Leptospira interrogans transmission and risk group/ treatment
  1. a Post strep infection
  2. b Pus producing
  3. c contact with infected animal urine or contaminated water. People who are at risk are: farmers, vets, ranchers, sewage workers

    Antibiotic: Penicillin
  4. d Human feces to Human Oral
    fingers, food, flies (carry feces)
  5. e Keep wounds/injuries clean

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  1. hand washing, isolate patients and monitor for any symptoms
  2. antitoxin and antibiotics
  3. 2 Shiga toxins: targets kidney, intestines, and brain
    - enterohemolysin: lyses RBC and release iron
  4. watery diarrhea (w/o blood, pus, or fever)
  5. people with multiple sexual partners

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  1. Treatment of Listeria monocytogenesOral antibiotics, wks-months (if early enough)


  2. What determines INCUBATION time of a microbe?Strain, Generation time, Dose, and where it enters the body


  3. Transmission of Vibrio choleraSever diarrhea for 7 days- no fever
    electrolyte and fluid loss can cause organ failure, muscle cramps, hypoglycemia, irregular heart rate


  4. Symptoms of Corynebacterium DiptheriaSore throat, rever, headache, swollen neck with difficulty breathing


  5. Treatment of rheumatic feverAntibiotics, aspirins, steroids


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