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  1. High risk of normal flora E coli infections
  2. The skin test for mycobacteria tuberculosis
  3. Death by mycobacteria tuberculosis
  4. Galloping pneumonia
  5. Transmission of ETEC
  1. a Animal feces to human oral
    Human feces to human oral
  2. b Hospitals- burn and severe wound patiens
  3. c caused by group a strep. pyogenes. Sore throat, respiratory symptoms caused by a penetrating injury.
  4. d Mantous skin test. It is done by injecting PPD from the bacteria under the skin. It is read in 48-72 hours because there is a delayed hypersensitivity. Doctors measure the zone of induration to see if they have it
  5. e repturing capillaries, enough and the person will drown in their own blood

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  1. high fever, cough with rusty sputum
  2. antitoxin and antibiotics
  3. Vaccines and intervention in transmission
  4. 3 or more organ systems involved
    1. high fever, vomiting, watery diarrhea, sore throat, headache
    2. Rash (like sunburn)
    3. Multiple organ failure: skin peels, nails fall off, DIC, memory loss, renal dysfunction
  5. antibiotics

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  1. Congenital syphilis- characterized by the soft ganulem that develops on the skin and other parts of the body
    - no treatment


  2. Clostridium difficile ( disease and gram stain)It is a gram + bacilli that is a strict anaerobe. Causes tetanus/neonatal tetanus


  3. Prevention of Clostridium perfringenDTaP & boosters every 10 years


  4. meningitisproducing, or produced by, heat or fever


  5. Toxins in Enterotixin E coli (ETEC)2 enterotoxins
    Heat Stable: can withstand a lot of heat
    Heat Liable: Cannot withstand a lot of heat


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