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  1. Toxins produced by Legionella pneumophilia
  2. Azithromycin
  3. subclinical
  4. Cardiovascular syphilis
  5. Prevention of UTI by E coli
  1. a relating to the stage in the development of a disease before the symptoms are observed
  2. b macrophages release host cells toxic products
  3. c Macrolide (50S). Inhibits protein synthesis by blocking translocation by peptidyltransferase (50s). Bacteriostatic.
  4. d result in the weakening in the aorta
  5. e urinate before and after sex
    practice good aseptic techniques

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  1. Gram positive cocci that causes pneumonia
  2. Occurs when a spore penetrates the skin and begins as a boil and progresses to an eschar, it rarely travels to lymph nodes. The spore is generally from an infected animal. The mortality rate is less than 1%
  3. Legionaires Disease. Causes problems when the bacteria is taken in by a macrophage and killed because the macrophage will release cell toxins causing local damage.
    - bacillus (rod)
    - gram negative
    - aerobic
  4. antibiotics
  5. Vaccine: Previnar (babies 2 months, 4 doses) and Pneumovax ( older individuals, 2 doses)

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  1. The skin test for mycobacteria tuberculosisDTaP + Booster
    Antitoxins: made in other animals
    Antibiotics: erythromycin- but ONLY in the 1st stage


  2. What is the binomial classification of organisms?method to group and categorize organisms into groups such as genus or species. The groups are known as taxa (singular: taxon). Biological classification is part of scientific taxonomy.


  3. Miliary tuberculosisacute tuberculosis characterized by the appearance of tiny tubercles on one or more organs of the body (presumably resulting from tubercle bacilli being spread in the bloodstream)


  4. Prevention for Bordetella pertussisVaccine: DTaP plus booster, TDapP, Adacel


  5. Colonized infections of Staphylococcus aureusNosocomial infections on wounds, surgical sites, medical implants.
    No symptoms
    Local: boils, colonize implants, sepsis


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