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  1. treatment of mycobacteria tuberculosis
  2. High risk members of streptococcus pneumonia
  3. Bordetella pertussis
  4. Diagnosis of streptococcus pneumonia
  5. Burcella abortus Disease
  1. a Unvaccinated children, the elderly and immunodeficient people
  2. b Whooping cough
    Gram negative
  3. c rapid urine test
  4. d Brucellosis
  5. e MDR-TB and XDR-TB for extreme cases

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  1. 2 Shiga toxins: targets kidney, intestines, and brain
    - enterohemolysin: lyses RBC and release iron
  2. human to human via sexually
    mother to fetus
  3. A pneumonia that develops as a secondary disorder from other diseases that weaken the lungs or the body's immune system.
  4. DTaP vaccine plus boosters
  5. don't smoke

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  1. Enterotoxin E coli (ETEC) disease2 enterotoxins
    Heat Stable: can withstand a lot of heat
    Heat Liable: Cannot withstand a lot of heat


  2. Gummatous syphilisA simple skin test used to determine the presence of a tuberculosis infection; also called PPD skin test or TB skin test


  3. Transmission of Shigella sonneiAnimal feces to human oral
    Human feces to human oral


  4. Pseudomonas aeruginosa (gram stain, shape, toxin)It is a gram + bacilli that is a strict anaerobe. Causes tetanus/neonatal tetanus


  5. Toxins produced by Legionella pneumophiliadon't smoke


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