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  1. systemic
  2. Treatment for ETEC
  3. Treatment for Bordetella pertussis
  4. antitoxin
  5. High Risk for Burcella abortus
  1. a substance formed in the body as the result of the introduction of a toxin (poison) and capable of acting against that toxin
  2. b of or pertaining to the entire body; relating to a system or systems
  3. c DTaP + Booster
    Antitoxins: made in other animals
    Antibiotics: erythromycin- but ONLY in the 1st stage
  4. d People working with animals
    people who ingest unpasteurized dairy products
  5. e maintain hydration
    (no antibiotics- don't want to wipe out normal flora)

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  1. Sore throat, rever, headache, swollen neck with difficulty breathing
  2. antibiotics
  3. oral rehydration

    if severe- combination of 3 antibiotics
  4. Pyogenic (pus)
    Drip from penis
  5. antibiotics such as Macrolides or fluoroquinolones
    --Azithromycin or erythromycin

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  1. Hemorrhagic Colitis symptomsbloody diarrhea w/ severe pain, no fever


  2. Symptoms of Clostridium Botulinum2 cytotoxins & hyaluronidase
    (enterotoxin & cytotoxin)


  3. Toxins in Enterotixin E coli (ETEC)2 enterotoxins
    Heat Stable: can withstand a lot of heat
    Heat Liable: Cannot withstand a lot of heat


  4. Prevention of Vibrio choleraoral or IV replacement of fluids


  5. Transmission of Corynebacterium DiptheriaHuman respiratory to human respiratory


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