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  1. Death by mycobacteria tuberculosis
  2. Symptoms of Enterotoxin E coli
  3. Treatment of Clostridium Difficile
  4. High risk members for Mycobacteria tuberculosis
  5. High Risk for Burcella abortus
  1. a repturing capillaries, enough and the person will drown in their own blood
  2. b watery diarrhea (w/o blood, pus, or fever)
  3. c People working with animals
    people who ingest unpasteurized dairy products
  4. d immune deficient individuals, Health care workers, migrant homeless
  5. e Antibiotics: flagyl and oral vancomycin ( if severe)

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  1. Age, health (nutrition, difference in immunity, prior exposure, vaccine
  2. hand washing, isolate patients and monitor for any symptoms
  3. H20 aerosol and the ones at highest risk are the elderly and smokers
    Cold humidifiers
    water fountains
  4. Women: 1 gm Azithromycin
    Men: doxycycline: 7 days
  5. a bacterial toxin that has been weakened until it is no longer toxic but is strong enough to induce the formation of antibodies and immunity to the specific disease caused by the toxin

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  1. apoptosisthe localized death of living cells (as from infection or the interruption of blood supply)


  2. What is the binomial classification of organisms?unborn children because it can grow in the placenta and can cause meningitis. As well as immunodeficient individuals


  3. Group D streptococcus pneumonia ( disease and gram stain)Gram positive cocci that causes pneumonia


  4. Pneumococcal meningitiswhen brain meninges is infected by S. pneumonia


  5. Symptoms of UTI caused by Normal flora E colifrequent urination
    painful burning


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