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  1. diagnosis of pneumococcal meningitis
  2. treatment for streptococcus pneumonia
  3. Toxins of streptococcus pneumonia
  4. cryptic infection
  5. Transmission of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
  1. a No toxins, symptoms are caused by an overactive immune response
  2. b antibiotics
  3. c having a secret or hidden meaning
  4. d Rapid test for strep.
  5. e human to human via sexually
    mother to fetus

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  1. endospores in deep wounds for adults and for children they get it from the umbrilical cord from unvaccinated mothers
  2. Disease- UTI meningitis
    bacillus (rod)
    Gram negative
  3. A subgroup within a species that has a characteristic trait or traits
  4. Lung damage & pneumonia
  5. area of body through which microbes enter and cause disease

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  1. High risk members of streptococcus pneumoniaantibiotics


  2. asymptomaticshowing no symptoms or signs of infection


  3. Food poisoning of staphylococcus aureuspassed from cattle/buffalo
    gets in through cuts, breathing it in, or ingestion


  4. Transmission Streptococcus pneumoniaHuman respirtatory to human respitatory


  5. What determines INCUBATION time of a microbe?Strain, Generation time, Dose, and where it enters the body


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