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  1. glaucoma
  2. tympanic membrane
  3. otosclerosis
  4. otitis
  5. strabismus
  1. a disorder characterized by elevated pressure in the eye
  2. b the muscles that control one or both eyes that cause improper focusing of images on the retina
  3. c membrane that seperates the external ear canal from the middle ear
  4. d bone disorder- structural irregularities of the stapes in the middle ear and progressing to deafness
  5. e general term referring to inflammation or infection of the ear

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  1. lightened device used to examine external ear canal and eardrum
  2. lightened instrument fitted with optical devices to permit examination of the retina and internal eye structures
  3. chronis inner ear disorder characterized by tinnitus, progressive nerve deafness and vertigo
  4. loss of the cenreal visual field caused by nerve degeneration
  5. abnormal sensation of spinning; dizziness

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  1. astigmatic keratotomyirregulat curvature of the cornea or lens that impairs refraction of a will focused image in the eye


  2. tinnitusgeneral term referring to inflammation or infection of the ear


  3. presbyopiaprogressive hearing loss associated with advanced age


  4. otitis mediageneral term referring to inflammation or infection of the ear


  5. tophirefractice disorder of the eye cause by an elongated eyeball


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