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  1. Primeval narratives
  2. Pharisees
  3. Monotheism
  4. Samaritans
  5. Deuteronomy
  1. a People who lived in the area of israel called Samaria. The Samaritans came from Jews who married non-Jews.
  2. b Restatement of the law of Mt. Sinai on the plains of Moab, three addresses from Moses (1:1-6)
  3. c laymen who tried to preserve the Jewish faith through pious and legalistic practices, and although as a group they were strongly censured in Jesus' sermons, some of them were friends and supporters of Jesus and his disciples.
  4. d One and only one god who exhibited the powers and qualities of all gods. Variety of gods as a supreme manifestation of one supreme being
  5. e Genesis 1-11. The story of universal beginnings, against which Israel's story is set.

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  1. Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, "The Twelve"
  2. Matthew Mark and Luke--because they each include many of the same stories, very few differences in sequence
  3. Greek term for bible, the books
  4. Members of the highest order of angels, often pictured with three sets of wings; Isaiah saw them in a vision of God sitting on a throne in the temple. A seraphim placed coal in Isaiah's mouth to cleanse him. Depiction of how powerful God is
  5. A mutual agreement between 2 parties to live together under a set of shared expectations (i.e. God & Abraham)

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  1. SeptuagintGrowing sense of separation between the divine and the human, questions of accessibility to gods and of "new world" to come ruled by the divine


  2. Deuteronomistic HistoryDeuteronomy, Joshua, Samuel, and Kings -> It's an extended version of Israel's history from the conquest under Joshua to the destruction in 587 BC


  3. CosmopolitanismPart of the world


  4. ZealotsJews that rose up in armed rebellion against Rome in 66ce; unsuccessful, and Jewish Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed


  5. Ancestral narrativesGenesis 1-11. The story of universal beginnings, against which Israel's story is set.


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