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  1. Source Documentary Hypothesis
  2. Theophany
  3. Decalogue
  4. 539-538 B.C.E.
  5. Jesus movement
  1. a Ten Commandments
    1. do not murder
    2. do not commit adultery
    3. honor father and mother
    4. do not covet
    5. no false idols
    6. do not take the Lord's name in vain
    7. Do not lie
    8. Do not steal
    9. no other gods before God
    10. Keep sabbath holy
  2. b Name given to first followers of Jesus
  3. c Created by Wellhausen, four sources that make up the Torah: Yahwist, Elohist, Deuteronomist, and Priestly Writer.
  4. d Edict of Cyrus
  5. e An appearance of God, frequently associated with fire (i.e. Moses & burning bush, Mount Sinai with thunder & lightning)

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  1. A group of Jews that withdrew from the world into the desert in order to live a life of prayer and asceticism. Their name means " the pious ones" or " the healers."
  2. Having the same borders; prophecy and kingship in ancient Israel
  3. Deuteronomy, Joshua, Samuel, and Kings -> It's an extended version of Israel's history from the conquest under Joshua to the destruction in 587 BC
  4. Combinations of religious ideas and gods
  5. Matthew Mark and Luke--because they each include many of the same stories, very few differences in sequence

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  1. MonotheismOne and only one god who exhibited the powers and qualities of all gods. Variety of gods as a supreme manifestation of one supreme being


  2. Central prophetprophet on the margins of religious and political power structure:
    Jehu and becoming king ->on the margin of religious and political power structure


  3. Isaiah ben AmozIdentity and choices, recognition of personal decisions, importance of the individual


  4. ApocryphaMembers of the highest order of angels, often pictured with three sets of wings; Isaiah saw them in a vision of God sitting on a throne in the temple. A seraphim placed coal in Isaiah's mouth to cleanse him. Depiction of how powerful God is


  5. Julius WellhausenGerman biblical scholar who researched the first five books of the Old Testament (Torah). Advanced the theory of documentary hypothesis, arguing that it's origins are redactions of the four texts: yahwist, elohist, deteuronomist, and priestly


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