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  1. scalenus
  2. serratus muscle group
  3. gastrocnemius
  4. vastus
  5. hair papilla
  1. a found at the base of the follicle
  2. b flexes leg and foot (calf muscle)
  3. c important for respiration and for supporting the trunk of the body in all quadruped species
  4. d great
  5. e irregularly triangular or unequally three-sided

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  1. external or outer
  2. sweat glands in the ear canal; secrete cerumen (earwax)
  3. smooth muscles; attach to hairs on the dorsum; when stimulated they contract to raise the hair on back
  4. outer layer of skin; thinner and visible
  5. cutaneous pouches on the rectum

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  1. eccrine glandsproduce oil for lubrication


  2. cremasterstraight


  3. triceps brachiisurrounding


  4. cutaneous trunciholocrine glands that secrete sebum which lubricates the skin and hair; waterproof, provides gloss, and enhances ability to sweat


  5. longusintermediate


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