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  1. transversus
  2. apocrine glands
  3. orbicularis
  4. digitigrade
  5. ungulates
  1. a hoofed animals
  2. b surrounding
  3. c found throughout the body; secrete strong smelling protein substance
  4. d digital and metacarpal pads contact ground
  5. e crosswise

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  1. moves the eyelids
  2. long
  3. perspiration and fluids on the skin change to a vapor and absorb heat
  4. cutaneous pouches on the rectum
  5. hornlike protrusions on the medial surface of the leg

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  1. motor nervecauses muscle to move by stimulating a group of muscle fibers


  2. sebaceous glandsproduce oil for lubrication


  3. quadrifour


  4. hornpermanent structure, grows continuously, from frontal bone


  5. hair shaftvisible on the surface; found in 2 arrangements, simple and compound


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