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  1. quadratus
  2. ceruminous glands
  3. ergots
  4. primary hairs
  5. rhomboideus
  1. a sweat glands in the ear canal; secrete cerumen (earwax)
  2. b square
  3. c keratinized epithelium in center of caudal aspect of fetlock
  4. d diamond-shaped or shaped like a kite
  5. e guard hairs; make up the top coat

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  1. those in opposition to the prime movers, relaxing as the prime movers contract
  2. major group over pelvis, extends and abducts limb
  3. cutaneous pouches on the rectum
  4. muscles of mastication (chewing), which raise and lower the mandible
  5. moves the eyelids

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  1. skeletal musclevoluntary, striated


  2. circumoral glandsfound in the lips of cats; used to mark territory


  3. apocrine glandsfound throughout the body; secrete strong smelling protein substance


  4. aponeurosissubcutaneous, areolar and adipose tissue; allows easy movement of skin over deep structures


  5. hornpermanent structure, grows continuously, from frontal bone


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