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  1. tactile hairs
  2. rhomboideus
  3. shedding
  4. orbicularis oculi
  5. conduction
  1. a moves the eyelids
  2. b heat energy passes by direct contact
  3. c diamond-shaped or shaped like a kite
  4. d thicker, longer than primary, most often on face
  5. e cyclical hair loss; seasonal

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  1. found at the base of the follicle
  2. absence of normal pigmentation
  3. slender
  4. smooth muscles; attach to hairs on the dorsum; when stimulated they contract to raise the hair on back
  5. crosswise

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  1. pectoral muscle groupimportant for respiration and for supporting the trunk of the body in all quadruped species


  2. serratus muscle groupclear layer when present, found in areas of rugged wear


  3. dermisround or cylindrical


  4. dermatologystudy of skin


  5. mediusintermediate


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