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  1. triceps brachii
  2. fascia
  3. serratus
  4. ceruminous glands
  5. secondary hairs
  1. a sawtoothed
  2. b a sheet of fibrous tissue that encloses muscles and separates them into groups
  3. c sweat glands in the ear canal; secrete cerumen (earwax)
  4. d wool hairs; make up the undercoat; soft, thin, wavy
  5. e extends forelimb

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  1. combination of the nerve cell and its group of muscle cells
  2. shed and re-grown each year; composed of bone
  3. pad of the hoof
  4. wide
  5. the hamstrings

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  1. mediusintermediate


  2. agoutinot paired


  3. aponeurosistendon that is flat and ribbon-like; broad sheet of fibrous connective tissue that serves as a tendon to attach muscles to bone or as fascia to bind muscles together


  4. quadriceps femoris grouprectus femoris, vastus lateralis, vastus medialis, and vastus intermedius; work to extend the leg


  5. pectoral muscle groupforms chest and adduct forelimb


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