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  1. tactile hairs
  2. azygous
  3. gracilis
  4. stratum lucidum
  5. cyanosis
  1. a decreased amount of oxygen in the blood=blue color
  2. b clear layer when present, found in areas of rugged wear
  3. c slender
  4. d thicker, longer than primary, most often on face
  5. e not paired

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  1. pad of the hoof
  2. wide
  3. great
  4. intermediate
  5. covers animals except on the muzzle and foot surfaces

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  1. sweatthree


  2. massetersmuscles of mastication (chewing), which raise and lower the mandible


  3. ceruminous glandssweat glands in the ear canal; secrete cerumen (earwax)


  4. myologystudy of muscle


  5. synergistskeratinized epithelium in center of caudal aspect of fetlock


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