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  1. evaporation
  2. stratum lucidum
  3. scalenus
  4. linea alba
  5. orbicularis
  1. a surrounding
  2. b fibrous band of connective tissue; center for attachment of all abdominal muscles
  3. c clear layer when present, found in areas of rugged wear
  4. d perspiration and fluids on the skin change to a vapor and absorb heat
  5. e irregularly triangular or unequally three-sided

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  1. holocrine glands that secrete sebum which lubricates the skin and hair; waterproof, provides gloss, and enhances ability to sweat
  2. external oblique, internal oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis
  3. granular layer where keratinization begins
  4. external or outer
  5. wool hairs; make up the undercoat; soft, thin, wavy

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  1. circumoral glandsfound in the lips of cats; used to mark territory


  2. synergistscontract simultaneously with the prime movers to help execute a movement or steady a part


  3. primary hairsthicker, longer than primary, most often on face


  4. sebaceous glandscoiled structure int he dermis; produce a watery sweat on the skin surface; found in the footpads and between the nostrils


  5. furshort, fine, soft hair


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