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  1. stratum corneum
  2. longissimus
  3. latissimus dorsi
  4. evaporation
  5. ligament
  1. a horny layer flat, dead cells which overlap; keratinization is completed here
  2. b long
  3. c perspiration and fluids on the skin change to a vapor and absorb heat
  4. d strong bands of tissue connecting bones or cartilage
  5. e broadest muscle in the back; supports forelimb and aids in flexion of shoulder

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  1. part of the spermatic of the male animals; attaches to the scrotum
  2. external or outer
  3. attaches to the dermis; responsible for the insect repelling skin twitch in some large animals
  4. striated, involuntary
  5. single hairs, which have several bands of light and dark pigment with black tips

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  1. muscle cellsirregularly triangular or unequally three-sided


  2. mediusintermediate


  3. circumoral glandsfound in the lips of cats; used to mark territory


  4. secondary hairswool hairs; make up the undercoat; soft, thin, wavy


  5. frogshort, fine, soft hair


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