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  1. abdominal muscles
  2. antagonists
  3. vastus
  4. epidermis
  5. polled
  1. a those in opposition to the prime movers, relaxing as the prime movers contract
  2. b outer layer of skin; thinner and visible
  3. c external oblique, internal oblique, rectus abdominis, transversus abdominis
  4. d great
  5. e naturally hornless

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  1. single hairs, which have several bands of light and dark pigment with black tips
  2. heat energy passes by direct contact
  3. straight
  4. found at the base of the follicle
  5. crosswise

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  1. cardiac musclevoluntary, striated


  2. cutaneous trunciproduce oil for lubrication


  3. latissimus dorsilong


  4. externusexternal or outer


  5. horn glandsin goats; found at the base of the horns; used for marking


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