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  1. Circumspect
  2. Divest
  3. Explicate
  4. Contrition
  5. Tutelage
  1. a reduce or dispose of
  2. b the state of being under the direction of a guardian or tutor
  3. c repentance; remorse; penitence
  4. d careful, cautious
  5. e to explain; make meaning clear

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  1. (adj.) angry and bad-tempered; rude
  2. habitually complaining
  3. make aware of
  4. launch an attack or assault on
  5. to intrude without proper authority

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  1. Capitulateto explain; make meaning clear


  2. Oneroustroubling; burdensome


  3. Fecundcapable of producing offspring or vegetation


  4. Voracitylaunch an attack or assault on


  5. Clamberan awkward climb


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