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  1. Which muscle is located in the bladder
  2. Which two substances are most useful for determining a patient's glomerular filtration rate
  3. In response to a drop in overall blood pressure _____ stimulates constriction of the glomerular inlet and even greater constriction of the outlet
  4. A hospital patient produces 4 mL/min of urine with a urea concentrationof 8 mg/mL. Venous blood draw reveals urea concentration of 0.4 mg/mL. What is the percentage of cleared urea from glomerular filtrate?
  5. Which renal structure is responsible for producing hypertonic urine by reabsorbing water while allowing metabolic waste and NaCl to pass through
  1. a detrusor
  2. b insulin and creatinine
  3. c 80%
  4. d angiotensin II
  5. e collecting duct

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  1. protein
  2. deaminating amino acids
  3. preventing sodium loss in the urine
  4. segmental a. - interlobular a. - arcuate a. - interlobular a.
  5. podocytes

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  1. Which is not a portion of the urethrainternal urethral sphincter


  2. Renin hydrolyzes angiotensinogen released from the _____ to for angiotensin Iliver


  3. All of the following are comprised of cuboidal epithelium with the exception ofdiuretics


  4. A renal pyramid voids urine intosecretion of parathyroid hormone


  5. The minimum daily output of urine to meet the definition of polyuria is2.0 L


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