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  1. In a healthy kidney, very little ___ is filtered by the glomerulus
  2. Normal urine from a healthy person can be expected to contain all of the following except
  3. The urine is most likely to be hypotonic when
  4. Which is not a portion of the urethra
  5. Which is not a function of the kidneys
  1. a the body's water volume is high
  2. b protein
  3. c they release waste into the bloodstream
  4. d internal urethral sphincter
  5. e glucose

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  1. the renal corpuscle
  2. decreased urine volume
  3. diuretics
  4. collecting duct
  5. appearance of that solute in the urine

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  1. The innermost connective tissue layer protecting the kidney and assistancing in staving off infection is known asthe countercurrent multiplier system


  2. Assuming all other values are normal, calculate the net filtration pressure in a patient with a drop in capsular hydrostatic pressure to 8 mmHg20 mm Hg out


  3. A patient enters a hospital after a motorcycle accident. He complains of mid-back pain. X-rays reveal both rib and pelvic fractures. His emergency room examination includes urinalysis. Which of the following findings from the urinalysis would most likely suggest trauma to the kidneys from the accident but not the urinary bladderalbuminuria


  4. Aldosterone acts onthe distal convoluted tubule


  5. Creatinine has a renal clearanceof 140mL/min due to the fact thatthe body's water volume is high


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