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  1. Aldosterone acts on
  2. The average person has approximately ___ nephrons per kidney
  3. This byproduct of protein catabolism constitutes approximately one-half of all nitrogenous waste
  4. Which of the following is not found in the ureter
  5. Proximal convoluted tubules are responsible for reabsorbing all of the following except
  1. a hydrogen ions
  2. b skeletal muscle
  3. c 1.2 million
  4. d urea
  5. e the distal convoluted tubule

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  1. deaminating amino acids
  2. sodium; the opposite
  3. it is secreted by the renal tubules
  4. the body's water volume is high
  5. urochrome

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  1. Which of these form the inner layer of the glomerular capsule and wrap around the capillaries of the glomeruluspodocytes


  2. Total saturation of protein transporters for a given solute in the renal tubules would result inappearance of that solute in the urine


  3. Which of the following is not an organ of the urinary systemcollecting duct


  4. A single lobe of a kidney is compromised ofthe minor calyx


  5. Which of these correctly traces blood flow from the renal cortex to the renal veinsegmental a. - interlobular a. - arcuate a. - interlobular a.


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