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  1. What is the term for the pigment responsible for the color of urine
  2. In the nephron, the fluid that immediately precedes urine is known as
  3. The urine is most likely to be hypotonic when
  4. Proximal convoluted tubules are responsible for reabsorbing all of the following except
  5. The mechanism of stabilizing the GFR based on the tendency of smooth muscle to contract when stretched is known as what
  1. a tubular fluid
  2. b hydrogen ions
  3. c urochrome
  4. d the body's water volume is high
  5. e the myogenic mechanism

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  1. skeletal muscle
  2. diabetes mellitus
  3. the renal corpuscle
  4. internal urethral sphincter
  5. detrusor

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  1. Which of the following is not an organ of the urinary systemdiuretics


  2. Which of these induces renin secretion, constricts afferent arterioles, and reduces GFR and urine volumesegmental a. - interlobular a. - arcuate a. - interlobular a.


  3. The overall purpose of the countercurrent exchanges system isto supply salt and urea to the renal medulla


  4. Which of the following would reduce the glomerular filtration ratevasoconstriction of the afferent arteriole


  5. In a healthy kidney, very little ___ is filtered by the glomerulusprotein


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