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  1. 12 Tables
  2. Monarchy
  3. Cicero
  4. Dictator
  5. Hadrian
  1. a Government replaced by Romans because the king was a tyrant
  2. b Emperor who built wall to keep barbarians out of the Emperor
  3. c Laws written down to make application more fair for everyone
  4. d What Julius Caesar became, thus beginning the end of the Republic
  5. e Politician, philosopher, and public speaker

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  1. Violent leader like the one the Romans dethroned to make the Republic
  2. First Emperor; kept the Roman Peace and created trade routes to Asia
  3. Mythologically speaking: Romulus and Remus
  4. Made laws fair for all
  5. a skilled public speaker

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  1. HannibalCarthaginian general in 2nd Punic War; invaded Italy with elephants


  2. JudgesMythologically speaking: Romulus and Remus


  3. AssemblyGroup of citizens elected or chosen to make laws


  4. Civil LawSystem of law based on written rules


  5. Structurea skilled public speaker


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