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  1. Eli Whitney
  2. Adams-Onis Treaty
  3. The Alamo
  4. Modern day roads where you have to pay a toll
  5. Taking a territory
  1. a turnpike
  2. b The inventor of the Cotton Gin and interchangeable parts
  3. c annex
  4. d Spain cedes Florida to the US for 5 million
  5. e The battle that freed texas

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  1. this person supported high tariffs on imports, american system
  2. lowell girls
  3. California
  4. place in which workers and machines are brought together
  5. Sutters Mill

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  1. A person who invest money in buissnessesentrepreneur


  2. Samuel Slaterperson who gave Americal industrial secretas from Britain


  3. Many people who moved west were called______entrepreneur


  4. sectionalismPride or loyalty in your country


  5. nationalismloyalty in your region of the country


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