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  1. Factories
  2. James K. Polk
  3. oregon trail
  4. A person who invest money in buissnesses
  5. Erie Canal
  1. a Settlers moved to Oregon which was jointly occupied by the US and Britain
  2. b president who supported the westward expansion
  3. c place in which workers and machines are brought together
  4. d Route from the Great Lakes to the Hudson River and the Atlantic Ocean
  5. e entrepreneur

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  1. turnpike
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. this person supported high tariffs on imports, american system
  4. The battle that freed texas
  5. Pride or loyalty in your country

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  1. National roadroad connected the east to the west


  2. John Marshall discovered gold at what millMills


  3. The first factories powered by waterMills


  4. Governer of NY and supported the building of the Erie Canalspinning jenny


  5. Samuel Slaterperson who gave Americal industrial secretas from Britain


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