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  1. experiment
  2. evolution
  3. naturalselection
  4. resolution
  5. hypotheses
  1. a in science an idea or explanation that is based on observations and that can be tested
  2. b a procedure that is carried out under controlled cinditions to discover demonstrate or test a fact theory or general truth
  3. c the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and teproduce more successfully
  4. d the development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time
  5. e in microscopes the ability to form images with fine detail

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  1. the study of the interactions between organisms and the othe living and nonliving components of their invironment
  2. the sum of all chemical processes that occur in an organism
  3. the process in which experts in a given field examine the results and conclusions of a scientists study before that study is accepted for publication
  4. the part of a compound light mivroscope that magnifies an image usually 10 times also called an ocular lens
  5. the formation of 2 cells from one existing cell

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  1. compoundlight microscopein an experiment a group that serves as a standard of comparison with anothe group to which the control group is identical except for one factor


  2. genea short segment of DNA that contains the instructions for a single trait


  3. metricsystema decimal-basedstandard system of measurement that is used by scientist similar to the systeme internationale (abbreviation SI)


  4. predictiona statement made in advance that expresses the expected outcome if a hypotheses is accurate


  5. ecosystema community of organisms and their aviotic environment


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