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  1. experimentalgroup
  2. biologicalmolecule
  3. naturalselection
  4. metabolism
  5. experiment
  1. a the sum of all chemical processes that occur in an organism
  2. b a procedure that is carried out under controlled cinditions to discover demonstrate or test a fact theory or general truth
  3. c the process by which individuals that are better adapted to their environment survive and teproduce more successfully
  4. d in an experiment a group that is identical to a control group exept for one factor and that is compared with the control group
  5. e chemical compound that provides physical structure and brings about movement energy use and other cellular functions

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  1. in microscopes the ability to form images with fine detail
  2. the steady-state physiological condition of the body
  3. in a traditional taxonomic system the highest taxonomic category which contains a group of similat phyla
  4. the part of a compound light microscope that holds the objective lenses in place above the specimen
  5. the development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time

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  1. objectivelensthe process of obtaining information by using the senses the information obtained by using the senses


  2. metricsystema community of organisms and their aviotic environment


  3. magnificationthe increase of an objects apparent size by using lenses or mirrors


  4. dependentvariablein an experiment the factor that changes as a result of manipulation of one or more other factors also called a responding variable


  5. scientificmethodthe increase of an objects apparent size by using lenses or mirrors


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