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  1. scientificmethod
  2. resolution
  3. hypotheses
  4. experimentalgroup
  5. reproduction
  1. a in microscopes the ability to form images with fine detail
  2. b in science an idea or explanation that is based on observations and that can be tested
  3. c the process of producing offspring
  4. d in an experiment a group that is identical to a control group exept for one factor and that is compared with the control group
  5. e a series of steps followed to solve problems includingcollecting data formulating a hypothesis testing the hypothesis and statin conclusions

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  1. the development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time
  2. a decimal-basedstandard system of measurement that is used by scientist similar to the systeme internationale (abbreviation SI)
  3. the gene-directed process by which an organism matures
  4. the process of obtaining information by using the senses the information obtained by using the senses
  5. the increase of an objects apparent size by using lenses or mirrors

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  1. genea short segment of DNA that contains the instructions for a single trait


  2. baseunita collectio of specialized cells and cell products that perform a specific function


  3. objectivelensthe part of a compound light microscope that holds the objective lenses in place above the specimen


  4. multicellularin viology the smallest unit that can perform all life processes cells ate covered by a membrane and contain DNA and cytoplasm


  5. peerreviewthe part of a compound light mivroscope that magnifies an image usually 10 times also called an ocular lens


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