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  1. objectivelens
  2. celldivision
  3. biology
  4. experiment
  5. baseunit
  1. a the study of life
  2. b the part of a compound light microscope that is located directly above the specimen and that magnifies the image of the specimen
  3. c the formation of 2 cells from one existing cell
  4. d a procedure that is carried out under controlled cinditions to discover demonstrate or test a fact theory or general truth
  5. e one of the fundamental units of measurement that describes length madd time and other quantities and from which other units are derived

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  1. in an experiment the factor that changes as a result of manipulation of one or more other factors also called a responding variable
  2. the part of a compound light microscope that holds the objective lenses in place above the specimen
  3. the development of new types of organisms from preexisting types of organisms over time
  4. a collectio of specialized cells and cell products that perform a specific function
  5. one of the sall bodies that are found in the cytoplasm of a cell and that are specialixed to perform a specific funcyion

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  1. scientificmethodthe increase of an objects apparent size by using lenses or mirrors


  2. organin a traditional taxonomic system the broadest category the category that contains kingdoms


  3. homeostasisthe steady-state physiological condition of the body


  4. biologicalmoleculechemical compound that provides physical structure and brings about movement energy use and other cellular functions


  5. metabolismthe study of the interactions between organisms and the othe living and nonliving components of their invironment


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