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  1. What are the five basic food groups? What are the 2 widest bands in My Pyramid?
  2. Pasteurization
  3. Calorie
  4. What is the difference between a sell by date and a use by date?
  5. What does the word light mean when used on a food label?
  1. a treating growth of pathogens
  2. b low calories/ most healthy
  3. c sell by can meant when it tastes good by
    use by is when it is no good by the certain date
  4. d grains, vegetable, fruits, dairy, meats
    Grains and dairy are 2 widest
  5. e measurement on the energy your body uses

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  1. substances added to foods to produce a desired affect
  2. process by which your body takes in and uses food
  3. working out, and losing 1 pound a week
  4. 3600
  5. spreading of pathogens from one food to another

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  1. Vitaminscompounds that help regulate many body processes


  2. Nutrient Densea high ratio of nutrients to calories


  3. Nutrientssubstances your bady need to grow and repair itself


  4. Mineralsa tough complex carbohydrate


  5. Give one example of a food intolerance, and one example of a food allergy.low calories/ most healthy


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