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  1. Cross-Contamination
  2. My Pyramid
  3. Nutrient Dense
  4. How many calories equal a pound of fat
  5. Fiber
  1. a a high ratio of nutrients to calories
  2. b a interactive guide for eating healthy
  3. c a tough complex carbohydrate
  4. d 3600
  5. e spreading of pathogens from one food to another

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  1. cut down on fat foods, eat grains, and digest carbohydrates
  2. condition when bones become fragil
  3. measurement on the energy your body uses
  4. bread and tuna
  5. starches and sugars found in foods

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  1. Food Allergya negative reaction to foods


  2. Pasteurizationprocess by which your body takes in and uses food


  3. Foods people eat can trigger certain diseases and health conditions. What are 3 health conditions?Diabetes, Bulimia, Anorexia


  4. Name 2 problems that good nutrition can help you avoid.bread and tuna


  5. Give one example of a food intolerance, and one example of a food allergy.low calories/ most healthy


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