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  1. spinal cord
  2. plexus
  3. cerebrospinal fluid
  4. dura mater
  5. gyrus
  1. a hard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"
  2. b watery fluid in and around brain and spinal cord;
    produced in brain ventricles;
    performs the functions of blood in the brain (ie carries nutrients, hormones, waste products, gases, etc)
  3. c part of central nervous system beginning inferior to brainstem down to L2 vertebrae;
    conducts sensory info to brain and motor commands from brain to muscles;
    center is gray matter; external is white matter;
    CSF in central canal and surrounding cord
  4. d convolution or ridge on surface of cerebrum;
    plural gryi
  5. e network of interwoven or intersecting nerves;(eg, cervical, brachial, lumbar)

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  1. most inferior portion of brain stem;
    regulates VITAL body functions, such as: heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, swallowing, and wakefulness, and consciousness
  2. myelinated axons;
    in cerebrum, deep to gray matter & bulk of cerebral tissue
  3. 3 membranes that cover brain and spinal cord, consisting of the dura mater, pia mater, and arachnoid mater
  4. excitable cell specialized for quick electrochemical communication; carries out the main functions of nervous system; fires action potentials
    aka nerve cell
  5. bae of diencephalon governing autonomic nervous system; regulates and controls homesotasis, including blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, hunger, thirst, "love" etc.; controls pituitary gland

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  1. limbic systemthin delicate and deepest meninges layer, directly on brain and spinal cord;
    "pious mother" or "tender mother"


  2. autonomic nervous systembrain and spinal cord;
    fast communicating organ system; receives sensory input; controls homeostasis (often via endocrine system); controls motor output; center of all mental activity including thought, feeling, learning & memory, and consciousness; aka CNS


  3. central nervous systemdeep groove running from approximately ear-to-ear dividing cerebrum into anterior and posterior portions


  4. descending tractbundles of axons sending motor commands "down" to muscles


  5. mixed nervecontains both affarent (sensory) & efferent (motor) nerves bundled together


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