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  1. nerve
  2. neuron
  3. excitable
  4. cerebrospinal fluid
  5. descending tract
  1. a watery fluid in and around brain and spinal cord;
    produced in brain ventricles;
    performs the functions of blood in the brain (ie carries nutrients, hormones, waste products, gases, etc)
  2. b property of cell that it may create and conduct an electrical current when stimulated;
    eg, neurons & muscle cells
    aka "irritability and conductivity"
  3. c motor commands (as action potentials) sent down spinal cord to muscles in white matter
  4. d excitable cell specialized for quick electrochemical communication; carries out the main functions of nervous system; fires action potentials
    aka nerve cell
  5. e bundle of axons in PNS

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  1. 1 of 4 cavities in brain, which creates and is filled with cerebrospinal fluid
  2. network of interwoven or intersecting nerves;(eg, cervical, brachial, lumbar)
  3. space between presynaptic neuron's axon and postysnaptic cell (usually a dendrite or muscle cell)
  4. portions of cerebrum anterior to central fissure;
    generates motor commands;
    specializes in speech, language, morality, planning, and other high-level functions
  5. chemical signals released by axon into a synaptic cleft when signaled by an action potential

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  1. epidural spacesmall space below dura mater


  2. motor nerveaka efferent nerve;
    carries motor commands (APs) from CNS to muscles


  3. dura materhard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"


  4. subarachnoid spacespace above dura mater


  5. ventral rootmotor (efferent) branch of each spinal nerve;
    exits spinal cord on ventral side


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