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  1. longitudinal fissure
  2. limbic system
  3. neuroglia
  4. cell body
  5. temporal lobes
  1. a nervous system cells that support, nourish, and assist neurons; do NOT create action potentials;
    (examples: Schwann cells & oligodendrocytes make myelin sheaths)
  2. b lateral portions of cerebrum deep to the ears, inferior to parietal lobes; contains auditoryand olfactory (smell) processing areas
  3. c "emotional brain"; system of functionally related neural structures in brain that regulate and produce emotional behavior; hypothalamus is a key component
  4. d deep groove running from anterior to posterior dividing cerbrum into left and right hemispheres, connected by corpus callosum
  5. e part of cell that performs basic cellular functions; in neurons, also summates inputs received from dendrites

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  1. "bridge" between brain stem and cerebellum; contains respiratory centers which regulate breathing
  2. gaps in myelin sheath that assist in conduction of action potential
  3. chemical signals released by axon into a synaptic cleft when signaled by an action potential
  4. hard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"
  5. sensory info (as action potentials) sent up spinal cord in white matter (axons)

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  1. medulla oblongataneuroglial wrapping around an axon;
    insulates electricity inside the axon;


  2. 4 brain regionscerebrum
    brain stem


  3. interneuronneurons between sensory and motor neurons;
    99.9% of all neurons are this type


  4. sensory nerveaka affarent nerve;
    carries sensory information (APs) to CNS


  5. fissureexcitable cell specialized for quick electrochemical communication; carries out the main functions of nervous system; fires action potentials
    aka nerve cell


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