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  1. interneuron
  2. central nervous system
  3. synapse
  4. sulcus
  5. neurotransmitter
  1. a neurons between sensory and motor neurons;
    99.9% of all neurons are this type
  2. b brain and spinal cord;
    fast communicating organ system; receives sensory input; controls homeostasis (often via endocrine system); controls motor output; center of all mental activity including thought, feeling, learning & memory, and consciousness; aka CNS
  3. c shallow groove between gyri;
    plural sulci
  4. d chemical signals released by axon into a synaptic cleft when signaled by an action potential
  5. e junction between axon and another cell (eg, neuron or muscle cell) where electrochemical communication occurs

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  1. deep groove in brain
  2. group of neurons in the PNS
  3. most inferior portion of brain stem;
    regulates VITAL body functions, such as: heart rate, blood pressure, breathing, swallowing, and wakefulness, and consciousness
  4. bundles of axons sending motor commands "down" to muscles
  5. convolution or ridge on surface of cerebrum;
    plural gryi

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  1. peripheral nervous systempart of nervous system outside brain and spinal cord; includes all nerves and ganglia; connects CNS with body; aka PNS


  2. motor nerveaka efferent nerve;
    carries motor commands (APs) from CNS to muscles


  3. temporal lobeslateral portions of cerebrum deep to the ears, inferior to parietal lobes; contains auditoryand olfactory (smell) processing areas


  4. corpus callosum"little brain" in the inferior posterior portion of brain; controls and coordinates body movement (and all that goes along with it)


  5. central fissurecomposed of 2 cell types:
    neurons & neuroglia


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