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  1. subarachnoid space
  2. excitable
  3. gyrus
  4. pia mater
  5. descending tract
  1. a small space beneath the archnoid layer
  2. b bundles of axons sending motor commands "down" to muscles
  3. c thin delicate and deepest meninges layer, directly on brain and spinal cord;
    "pious mother" or "tender mother"
  4. d convolution or ridge on surface of cerebrum;
    plural gryi
  5. e property of cell that it may create and conduct an electrical current when stimulated;
    eg, neurons & muscle cells
    aka "irritability and conductivity"

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  1. network of interwoven or intersecting nerves;(eg, cervical, brachial, lumbar)
  2. contains both affarent (sensory) & efferent (motor) nerves bundled together
  3. bae of diencephalon governing autonomic nervous system; regulates and controls homesotasis, including blood pressure, heart rate, body temperature, hunger, thirst, "love" etc.; controls pituitary gland
  4. neurons between sensory and motor neurons;
    99.9% of all neurons are this type
  5. motor commands (as action potentials) sent down spinal cord to muscles in white matter

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  1. ventral rootsensory (affarent) branch of each spinal nerve;
    enters spinal cord on dorsal side


  2. autonomic nervous systempart of PNS involuntarily controlling glands and muscles of internal organs (such as heart); 2 divisions: sympathetic division arouses;
    parasympathetic division calms;
    aka ANS


  3. sensory neurondetect environment (internal or external) & relays info to CNS;
    aka afferent receptors


  4. nodes of Ranvierhard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"


  5. gangliagroup of neurons in the PNS


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