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  1. cell body
  2. 4 brain regions
  3. ascending tract
  4. pons
  5. descending tract
  1. a part of cell that performs basic cellular functions; in neurons, also summates inputs received from dendrites
  2. b "bridge" between brain stem and cerebellum; contains respiratory centers which regulate breathing
  3. c bundles of axons sending motor commands "down" to muscles
  4. d sensory info (as action potentials) sent up spinal cord in white matter (axons)
  5. e cerebrum
    brain stem

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  1. carry movement commands (as action potentials) from CNS to muscle cells via descending tracts;
    aka Efferent neuron ("Efferent Exits" brain)
  2. small space below dura mater
  3. hard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"
  4. "rest-and-digest" division of ANS;
    conserves energy; increases digestion and absorption and relaxtion (ie, heart rate slows, glucose is stored, etc)
  5. space between presynaptic neuron's axon and postysnaptic cell (usually a dendrite or muscle cell)

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  1. gyrusnetwork of interwoven or intersecting nerves;(eg, cervical, brachial, lumbar)


  2. white matterneuron cell bodies;
    in cerebrum, most gray matter is in the cerebral cortex (outermost layer)


  3. epidural spacehard thick outer layer of meninges;
    "hard mother"


  4. sulcusconvolution or ridge on surface of cerebrum;
    plural gryi


  5. autonomic nervous systempart of PNS involuntarily controlling glands and muscles of internal organs (such as heart); 2 divisions: sympathetic division arouses;
    parasympathetic division calms;
    aka ANS


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