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  1. pons
  2. action potential
  3. epidural space
  4. temporal lobes
  5. myelin sheath
  1. a lateral portions of cerebrum deep to the ears, inferior to parietal lobes; contains auditoryand olfactory (smell) processing areas
  2. b space above dura mater
  3. c neuroglial wrapping around an axon;
    insulates electricity inside the axon;
  4. d quick electrical charge that travels "down" an axon towards synapse; Na+, K+, and Ca++ ions vital to this function; causes neurotransmitter release at synapse;
    aka neural impulse or "electrical signal"
  5. e "bridge" between brain stem and cerebellum; contains respiratory centers which regulate breathing

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  1. "rest-and-digest" division of ANS;
    conserves energy; increases digestion and absorption and relaxtion (ie, heart rate slows, glucose is stored, etc)
  2. gaps in myelin sheath that assist in conduction of action potential
  3. bundle of axons in PNS
  4. 3 membranes that cover brain and spinal cord, consisting of the dura mater, pia mater, and arachnoid mater
  5. 1 of 4 cavities in brain, which creates and is filled with cerebrospinal fluid

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  1. dorsal rootsensory (affarent) branch of each spinal nerve;
    enters spinal cord on dorsal side


  2. dendritebundle of axons in PNS


  3. cell bodypart of cell that performs basic cellular functions; in neurons, also summates inputs received from dendrites


  4. excitableproperty of cell that it may create and conduct an electrical current when stimulated;
    eg, neurons & muscle cells
    aka "irritability and conductivity"


  5. cerebrospinal fluidwatery fluid in and around brain and spinal cord;
    produced in brain ventricles;
    performs the functions of blood in the brain (ie carries nutrients, hormones, waste products, gases, etc)


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