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  1. neuro imaging techniques
  2. Weber's Law
  3. corpus collosum
  4. place theory
  5. the neuron
  1. a the JND is a s constant proportion of the intensity of an initial stimulus
  2. b links pitch with part of basilar membrane that is stimulated
  3. c connects left and right hemisphere of th brain
  4. d EEG, CT, PET scan, MRI, fMRI
  5. e basic building blocks of nervous system transmit electrochemical messages

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  1. left side of brain, right side of brain
  2. the smallest amount of stimulus that must be presented in order to be detected 50% of the time
  3. targets the lungs, comes from poor packaging, blocks action of acetylcholine
  4. a graphical record of electrical activity of the brain
  5. magnetic resonance imaging

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  1. inattentional change blindnessinability to perceive things in plain sight


  2. impossible figuresspecialized sensory receptors found in the eyes


  3. perceptionregulates sleep/eating/mood, lower for people with depression


  4. hippocampusmemory and learning, short term and new memories


  5. heritablitythe extent to which variation among individuals can attribute to thier different genes.


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