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  1. dichromatic color blindness
  2. stimulus
  3. stroop effect
  4. visual cortex
  5. nature vs. nurture
  1. a lack of function of red or green cones
  2. b name for a controversy in which it is debated whether genetics or environment is responsible for driving behavior
  3. c energy that produces a response in a sense organ, varies in both type and intensity
  4. d brain goes toward letters over colors
  5. e receives stimuli from optic nerve

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  1. interruption of visual field
  2. frontal lobe, parietal lobe, occipital lobe, temporal lobe
  3. fear and aggression, strong emotions
  4. decision making, planning, filters emotions, personalities, made up of motor cortex and Broca's area
  5. processes sound

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  1. hippocampusmemory and learning, short term and new memories


  2. impossible figureshearing, sound, made of auditory cortex, Wernicke's area


  3. subliminal perceptionmessages that occur outside our conscious awareness-below absolute threshold


  4. right side of brainspatial, emotional expressions, music/art appreciation, left side of body/visual field


  5. ponzo illusionmomentary loss of consciousness, severe or repeated can lead to memory and attention deficits, slurred speech


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