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  1. excitatory neurotransmitters
  2. cerebellum
  3. rods and cones
  4. When does an action potential occur?
  5. tumors and lesions
  1. a specialized sensory receptors found in the eyes
  2. b changes vary by location
  3. c when the number of excitatory neurotransmitters is larger than the number of inhibitory neurotransmitters, then the neurotransmitters are at a critical level, and an action potential will occur
  4. d balance and coordination, muscle memory, affected by alcohol
  5. e increase the likelihood of an action potential

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  1. brain and spinal chord
  2. controls voluntary movement of skeletal muscles
  3. three pairs of opposing receptors: red/green, blue/yellow, black/white. After images produces opponent colors following over stimulation and fatigue
  4. controls self regulated action of internal organs and glands
  5. speech production

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  1. effects of strokespeech problems, unilateral paralysis, loss of coordination


  2. axontransmits electrical messages


  3. parkinsons diseasedifferences in 2 retinal images allow the brain to judge distance


  4. glial cellsglue that holds cells together


  5. motor cortexskin senses, touch, temp, pain, pressure


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