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  1. natural selection and adaptation
  2. monochromatic colorblindness
  3. retinal display
  4. fovea
  5. conductive hearing loss
  1. a eardrum damage, ossicle damage
  2. b area consisting of a small depression in the retina containing cones and where vision is most acute
  3. c no color receptors-very rare
  4. d a natural process resulting in the evolution of organisms best adapted to the environment
  5. e differences in 2 retinal images allow the brain to judge distance

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  1. a form of magnetic resonance imaging of the brain that registers blood flow to functioning areas of the brain
  2. regulates sleep/eating/mood, lower for people with depression
  3. targets the lungs, comes from poor packaging, blocks action of acetylcholine
  4. specialized sensory receptors found in the eyes
  5. controls alertness/arousal/mood, stimulates central nervous system

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  1. dopamineenables voluntary movement, pleasurable emotions include from food, water,sex


  2. frequencypitch (high frequency waves- high frequency pitch)


  3. corpus collosumthe snail-shaped tube (in the inner ear coiled around the modiolus) where sound vibrations are converted into nerve impulses by the Organ of Corti


  4. left side of brainspatial, emotional expressions, music/art appreciation, left side of body/visual field


  5. dentritesreceives messages


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