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  1. oxygen for oxidative phosorylation, CO2 removal, coupling to other systems (circulatory excretory)
  2. evaginations of the body wall
  3. rotifera, cnidaria, platyhelminthes, porifera, nematoda
  4. sets basic rhythm

    monitors CO2 levels via pH (blood & cerebrospinal fluid)

    negative feedback system via pulmonary stretch receptors prevent lung over inflation
  5. arthropod trachael system
  1. a functions of respiratory system
  2. b animals w/out discrete respiratory systems
  3. c a system of tubes communicating directly w/ cells
  4. d what does the medulla oblongata do
  5. e what are gills

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  1. how does O2 & CO2 move down their concentration gradients
  2. common features of animals w/out discrete respiratory systems
  3. evolutionary strategy of tracheal systems
  4. what are the 2 regions of the brainstem
  5. what do the 8-9 air sacs in birds that penetrate the abdomen, neck & wings do

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  1. ram ventilationwhat do parabronchi replace


  2. 2 cycles of inhalation & exhalationwhat are the 2 regions of the brainstem


  3. parabronchial lungshave large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates


  4. invaginations of the body surface

    intimately associated with the circulatory system

    have a dense network of capillaries under a epithelium
    tracheal systems facts


  5. moderates and smooths the basic rhythmwhat does the pons do


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