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  1. ram ventilation
  2. autonomic & coordinated w/ the cardiovascular system

    breathing centers
  3. via passive transport
  4. binding of one molecule that leads to a conformational change which enhances binding of subsequent molecules
  5. 300
  1. a how is respiration controlled
  2. b how many alveoli are there per lung
  3. c what is cooperativity
  4. d movement of respiration media across the gills w/out any extra energy investment
  5. e how does O2 & CO2 move down their concentration gradients

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  1. essential requirements of respiratory systems
  2. relatively low metabolic rates (aquatics have this)

    low adaptations to maximize exchange
  3. water & blood flow in what direction in gas exchange
  4. a system of tubes communicating directly w/ cells
  5. animals w/out discrete respiratory systems

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  1. amphibianswhat animal has this:

    cutanous respiration & or gills or simple lungs


  2. parabronchial lungshave large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates


  3. 4 O2 moleculeshow many molecules of O2 can bind to one hemoglon


  4. trachea




    ciliated epithelium
    what do the 8-9 air sacs in birds that penetrate the abdomen, neck & wings do


  5. one O2 molculeeach heme can bind to what


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