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  1. evaginations of the body wall
  2. respiratory epithelia

    thin monolayer of cells

    highly vascularized

    lungs, gills, integuements
  3. arthropod trachael system
  4. circulatory system

    diffusion of gases down concentration gradients

    metabolic consumption
  5. tiny open ended channels
  1. a diffusion gradients (oxygen & carbon dioxide) are maintained by
  2. b what are alveoli
  3. c a system of tubes communicating directly w/ cells
  4. d large organisms tend to employ
  5. e what are gills

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  1. how does O2 & CO2 move down their concentration gradients
  2. what are the 2 regions of the brainstem
  3. animals w/out discrete respiratory systems
  4. inertia dictates that tidal flow is impossible

    limited to 1 way flow system

    what do these describe?
  5. each subunit has what

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  1. 4 O2 moleculeseach heme can bind to what


  2. invaginations of the body surface

    intimately associated with the circulatory system

    have a dense network of capillaries under a epithelium
    tracheal systems facts


  3. where additional O2 is released from hemoglobin at lower pH as a result of greater CO2 production.

    This is used to support more cellular respiration
    what is the Bohr shift


  4. ram ventilationmovement of respiration media across the gills w/out any extra energy investment


  5. 300how many alveoli are there per lung


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