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  1. thin membranes (resp epithelia)

    large surface area

    wet membranes
  2. respiratory epithelia

    thin monolayer of cells

    highly vascularized

    lungs, gills, integuements
  3. most reptiles, all birds, and mammals
  4. rotifera, cnidaria, platyhelminthes, porifera, nematoda
  5. ram ventilation and ventilation of gills
  1. a essential requirements of respiratory systems
  2. b animals w/out discrete respiratory systems
  3. c large organisms tend to employ
  4. d which animals rely on lungs exclusively
  5. e types of counter-current exchange system

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  1. large protein w/ 4 polypeptide subunits called globins
  2. at what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin bind to molecules
  3. at what percentage of saturation does the hemoglobin not bind properly
  4. how is respiration controlled
  5. what are alveoli

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  1. trachea




    ciliated epithelium
    what are the mammalian lungs comprised of


  2. binding of one molecule that leads to a conformational change which enhances binding of subsequent moleculeswhat is cooperativity


  3. 4 O2 moleculeseach heme can bind to what


  4. 300how many alveoli are there per lung


  5. amphibianshave large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates


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