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  1. alveoli
  2. where additional O2 is released from hemoglobin at lower pH as a result of greater CO2 production.

    This is used to support more cellular respiration
  3. tiny open ended channels
  4. binding of one molecule that leads to a conformational change which enhances binding of subsequent molecules
  5. hemoglobin
  1. a what is cooperativity
  2. b large protein w/ 4 polypeptide subunits called globins
  3. c what is the Bohr shift
  4. d what do parabronchi replace
  5. e what are alveoli

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  1. lungs
  2. what are gills
  3. what kind of tissues are the trachea and bronchi made of
  4. what does the medulla oblongata do
  5. common features of animals w/out discrete respiratory systems

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  1. simple squamous (moist & thin)what kind of tissues are the bronchioles made of


  2. arthropod trachael systemhave large surface area:volume ratios & low metabolic rates


  3. one O2 molculeeach heme can bind to what


  4. oxygen for oxidative phosorylation, CO2 removal, coupling to other systems (circulatory excretory)lungs


  5. thin membranes (resp epithelia)

    large surface area

    wet membranes
    large organisms tend to employ


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