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  1. living or once living organisms in an ecosystem
  2. largest number of a species that an ecosystem can handle
  3. geographic area with similar climates and ecosystems
  4. a species is introduced to an area and thrives and reproduces quickly then limiting factors occur and the population becomes competitive
  5. What makes up a habitat?
  1. a Food, vegetation, animals
  2. b biome
  3. c carrying capacity
  4. d biotic
  5. e exponential growth

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  1. The organism being hunted
  2. ecosystem
  3. A system used by ecologists to measure population
  4. producers
  5. ecology

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  1. 2 or more different populations in the same areaecosystem


  2. a relationship in which one organism benefits and the other isn't affected is called..parasitism


  3. What is the predator?The organism being hunted


  4. Scientist who studies ecologyThe one who seeks the prey


  5. land, water, atmosphereThe organism being hunted


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