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  1. Primacy Effect
  2. Fregoli Delusion
  3. Coup
  4. Diffuse Axonal Injury
  5. Contre-Coup
  1. a blow to the head resulting in contusions at site of impact
  2. b belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise
  3. c in memory task, first words are easier to remember
  4. d injuries that result at the brain shifts or bounces back against the skull.
  5. e shifting of brain causes axons to stretch abnormally and disrupt the cytoskeleton of axons; axons swell and many rupture (Concussion)

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  1. memory for events or the specific source of information
  2. inability to see more than one object at a time (problem with visual attention)
  3. "attentional spotlight", the ability to select and attend to relevant stimuli and to avoid distraction by irrelevant stimuli
  4. memory for skills or habits
  5. information that was learned and/or retrieved without intention

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  1. Recency Effectin memory tasks, last thing looked at is easier to remember


  2. Declarative Memoryinformation that was learned and/or retrieved without intention


  3. Prosopagnosiainability to name things in the world, must rely on circumlocution


  4. Perseverationfailure in flexibility; continue to be focused on something when you know it is excessive/should be doing otherwise


  5. Phonological Dyslexiareading disability highly associated with lack of phonemic awareness (sounds that letters or letter combos make)


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