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  1. Simultanagnosia (Balints Syndrome)
  2. Broca's Aphasia
  3. Conduction Aphasia
  4. Aphasia
  5. Perseveration
  1. a general term for any inability to comprehend or produce language
  2. b inability to speak fluently despite normal comprehension and intact vocal mechanisms
  3. c inability to see more than one object at a time (problem with visual attention)
  4. d failure in flexibility; continue to be focused on something when you know it is excessive/should be doing otherwise
  5. e disconnection between Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area as a result of damage to arcuate fasciculus

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  1. memory for facts and general information, or for meaning
  2. memory for events or the specific source of information
  3. memory for sensory information that was previously experienced
  4. in memory task, first words are easier to remember
  5. failure to fully percieve objects (problem with higher-level vision)

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  1. Autobiographical MemoryForm of episodic memory; memory for personally relevant information and events. Memory for our emotions or thoughts about an event.


  2. Sustained Attention"paying attention", the ability to maintain an alert state over an extended period of time


  3. Phonological Dyslexiainability to recognize and identify familiar faces


  4. Cognitive Flexibilityeveryday memory for information and past events (Fast, Flexible, Fallible)


  5. Coupinability to name things in the world, must rely on circumlocution


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