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  1. Perceptual Priming
  2. Non-Declarative Memory
  3. Fregoli Delusion
  4. Conduction Aphasia
  5. Reflexive/Obligatory Orienting
  1. a memory for sensory information that was previously experienced
  2. b belief that different people are in fact a single person who changes appearance or is in disguise
  3. c disconnection between Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area as a result of damage to arcuate fasciculus
  4. d unconscious orienting by exogenous cues; attention is automatically captured by the cue.
  5. e information that was learned and/or retrieved without intention

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  1. injuries that result at the brain shifts or bounces back against the skull.
  2. inability to understand or produce meaningful language although production of words and language fluency are still intact
  3. ability to focus on relevant aspects of environment/thoughts/etc.
  4. in memory tasks, last thing looked at is easier to remember
  5. "paying attention", the ability to maintain an alert state over an extended period of time

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  1. Episodic Memorymemory for facts and general information, or for meaning


  2. Associative Agnosiafailure to fully percieve objects (problem with higher-level vision)


  3. Broca's Aphasiainability to speak fluently despite normal comprehension and intact vocal mechanisms


  4. Cognitive Flexibility"attentional spotlight", the ability to select and attend to relevant stimuli and to avoid distraction by irrelevant stimuli


  5. Selective Attention"paying attention", the ability to maintain an alert state over an extended period of time


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