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  1. Conduction Aphasia
  2. Anomia
  3. Aphasia
  4. Phonological Dyslexia
  5. Cognitive Flexibility
  1. a the ability to alternate between multiple rules or tasks
  2. b disconnection between Broca's Area and Wernicke's Area as a result of damage to arcuate fasciculus
  3. c general term for any inability to comprehend or produce language
  4. d inability to name things in the world, must rely on circumlocution
  5. e reading disability highly associated with lack of phonemic awareness (sounds that letters or letter combos make)

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  1. everyday memory for information and past events (Fast, Flexible, Fallible)
  2. in memory tasks, last thing looked at is easier to remember
  3. "paying attention", the ability to maintain an alert state over an extended period of time
  4. unconscious orienting by exogenous cues; attention is automatically captured by the cue.
  5. memory for events or the specific source of information

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  1. Prosopagnosiainability to recognize and identify familiar faces


  2. Procedural Memorymemory for skills or habits


  3. Non-Declarative Memoryinformation that was learned and/or retrieved without intention


  4. Contre-Coupblow to the head resulting in contusions at site of impact


  5. Perceptual Primingmemory for sensory information that was previously experienced


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