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  1. Semantic Memory
  2. Capgras Delusion Syndrome
  3. Contre-Coup
  4. Cognitive Flexibility
  5. Apperceptive Agnosia
  1. a injuries that result at the brain shifts or bounces back against the skull.
  2. b memory for facts and general information, or for meaning
  3. c failure to fully percieve objects (problem with higher-level vision)
  4. d the ability to alternate between multiple rules or tasks
  5. e misidentification of familiar individuals as imposters; can recognize faces, but show no emotional markers of recognition

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  1. blow to the head resulting in contusions at site of impact
  2. failure in flexibility; continue to be focused on something when you know it is excessive/should be doing otherwise
  3. unconscious orienting by exogenous cues; attention is automatically captured by the cue.
  4. inability to understand or produce meaningful language although production of words and language fluency are still intact
  5. failure to recognize objects by sight despite normal vision (problem with retrieving/connecting knowledge to object)

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  1. Recency Effectin memory task, first words are easier to remember


  2. Episodic Memorymemory for events or the specific source of information


  3. Autobiographical MemoryForm of episodic memory; memory for personally relevant information and events. Memory for our emotions or thoughts about an event.


  4. Aphasiainability to name things in the world, must rely on circumlocution


  5. Prosopagnosiainability to recognize and identify familiar faces


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