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  1. Page
  2. Subinfeudation
  3. Beneficium
  4. Counties
  5. Pepin II
  1. a ruler who cooperated with the Church; supported papal missionaries and made the office of 'mayor' hereditary
  2. b certain rights/lands granted in return for specific services
  3. c the term that means parceling out land by vassal to other nobles
  4. d Charlemagne divided his empire into these, which were administered by local officials
  5. e at age 7, the son of a noble placed with the father's lord or another noble and served as this where he was strictly disciplined and learned etiquette

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  1. the ceremony in which a fief is granted
  2. ruler who built an empire that stretched from Spain to Central Europe; he allied closely with the Church and divided the empire
  3. the term for the grant of land between nobles
  4. term for uncultivated land
  5. ditch in front of a castle that prevented entry except across a drawbridge

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  1. Lotharii Regnumland from North Sea to central Italy controlled by Lothair; also known as Lorraine


  2. Keepa tower that contained storerooms, barracks, workshops, and the lord's living quarters


  3. Knight of the Batha squire could be made this after battle in which he fought gallantly


  4. Mayors of the Palaceat age 18, the noble was dubbed this where he would have to kneel before the church altar the night before and his sword was blessed by the priest/ bishop in the morning


  5. Treaty of Verdunthis document divided Charlemagne's Empire into three parts


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