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History Chapter 12 Sections 1 & 2 People, Places, Terms Test

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  1. Lord
  2. Mayors of the Palace
  3. Feudalism
  4. Missi Dominici
  5. Moat
  1. a political (social and economic) system that developed in Europe when local nobles began to govern their own land in absence of a strong central government
  2. b ditch in front of a castle that prevented entry except across a drawbridge
  3. c in A.D. 700 power passed from kings to government officials known as this
  4. d the term for the noble who granted land
  5. e "Messengers of the Lord"; royal messengers who maintained law and order, visited counties, and reported back to Charlemagne

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  1. at age 15, a boy became this where he continued his training in warfare, waiting on lord and lady at the table, and studied music and poetry
  2. ruler who organized the efficient, reliable cavalry and won the Battle of Tours
  3. "alternative service"; service given other than military service by the vassal to the lord
  4. the vassal would have to offer this to the lord, which was up to 9 days per year and no more than 3 days at a time
  5. donation of land by Pepin the Short that were controlled by the Roman Catholic Church up through the 19th century

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  1. Toursthe term for the noble who granted land


  2. Manorterm for uncultivated land


  3. Pepin III (the Short)ruler who appealed to Pope Zacharis; crowned "King by the Grace of God"


  4. Vassalthe term for the noble who recieved the land


  5. Eurasiathe term for the noble who recieved the land


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