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  1. Papal States
  2. Eurasia
  3. Knight of the Bath
  4. Hospitality
  5. Quadrivium
  1. a donation of land by Pepin the Short that were controlled by the Roman Catholic Church up through the 19th century
  2. b this category of education is defined by the subjects of arithmetic, geometry, music, and astronomy
  3. c at age 18, the noble was dubbed this where he would have to kneel before the church altar the night before and his sword was blessed by the priest/ bishop in the morning
  4. d the land mass formed by the continents of Europe and Asia
  5. e the vassal would have to offer this to the lord, which was up to 9 days per year and no more than 3 days at a time

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  1. this category of education is defined by the subjects of logic, grammar, and rhetoric
  2. "alternative service"; service given other than military service by the vassal to the lord
  3. the term for when the oldest son of a noble inherits all of the fief
  4. in A.D. 700 power passed from kings to government officials known as this
  5. the ceremony in which a fief is granted

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  1. Louis the Pioushe received Germany from the Treaty of Verdun


  2. Lordditch in front of a castle that prevented entry except across a drawbridge


  3. ComitatusGermanic tribal custom, in which the chief divided the 'spoils of war' with warriors in return for pledges of loyalty and military service


  4. Treaty of Verdunthis document divided Charlemagne's Empire into three parts


  5. Vassalthe heart of medieval economy; the lord's estate


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