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  1. Garlic (Allium sativum) Side Effects
  2. Aloe (Aloe vera or Aloe barbadenis) Side Effects
  3. Ginkgo (Ginkgo biloba) Side Effects
  4. Aloe (Aloe vera or Aloe barbadenis)
  5. Clove Oil Side Effects
  1. a Aloe LATEX or "drug aloe" comes from the glands in the leaf surface and has strong laxative properties, leading to side effects including severe abdominal cramping and fluid loss and is not recommended.
  2. b Odor, nausea, mouth/esophageal ulceration

    Increases risk of bleeding - discontinue use 2-3 weeks before surgery, caution with anticoagulants or antithrombotics (Aspirin or NSAIDS)
  3. c Gel is used topically in treatment of burns and wounds.

    There have been some work done using these as a mouth rinse. Be careful not to swallow, however, because it has a strong laxative effect
  4. d May increase risk of bleeding - use caution with anticoagulants or NSAIDS, discontinue 2 weeks before surgery, risk of serotonin syndrome
  5. e Small ulcers when applied to gums; in large doses or if injected can cause liver failure, CNS and respiratory depression (lethal dose = 3.8 g/kg)

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  1. Treatment of early colds, or topically for psoriasis, eczema and burns
  2. Available without a prescription
    Self-diagnosis and self-prescribing (control over disease + treatment)
    Perceived to have fewer side effects, no lethal effects
    Lack of health insurance
    Cultural influences
    Other options have not worked
    Strong advertising - enhanced immune function, easy weight loss, etc.
    Perceived as "natural, safer, and healthier"
  3. CNS depression and arrhythmia at toxic doses
    Anti-platelet effects may increase bleeding (might want to stop taking it 2 weeks prior to dental procedure)
    -Generally safe
  4. Several cases of hepatitis and liver failure
    Watch for symptoms - abdominal pain, jaundice, dark urine
    Headaches, stomach discomfort
  5. Feverfew
    Horse Chestnut

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  1. Black CohoshUse: topically for dental pain
    -Shown to have similar efficacy to benzocaine
    -Dip a cotton swab in the clove oil and apply it to the exposed part of the tooth
    -Avoid tongue due to unpleasant taste
    -Also used for flavoring, cough, sore throat, skin infections (acne, warts, scars)


  2. Evening Primrose Oil (Oenothera biennis)GI upset, headache


  3. Ginseng (American or Asian (Panax) ginseng) Side Effectspotential effects on coagulation, do not use in patients taking anti-coagulants, MAO-Is, antipsychotics and hypoglycemics. Not recommended in pregnancy. Risk of serotonin syndrome.

    Discontinue 7 days before general anesthesia


  4. Popular Herbal RemediesClove oil
    Licorice root extract
    Evening primrose oil
    Coenzyme Q10


  5. Echinacea (purpura, angustifolia) Side EffectsTreatment of early colds, or topically for psoriasis, eczema and burns


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