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  1. nasopharynx
  2. pharynx
  3. pneumolith
  4. oropharynx
  5. apnea
  1. a passageway just below the nasal cavity and mouth
  2. b absence of breathing
  3. c middle portion of the pharynx
  4. d calculus in a lung
  5. e upper portion of the pharynx

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  1. rapid deep respirations that are characteristic of an acid-base imbalance (frequently seen in uncontrolled diabetes)
  2. genetic disorder in which the lungs become clogged with excessive amounts of abnormally thick mucus
  3. adj. frequently used to modify another term in or associated with the lungs
  4. arterial blood gas
  5. a rhythmic respiratory pattern where there is a variation in depth of respirations alternating with periods of apnea

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  1. thorac/ithorax; chest


  2. CXRcystic fibrosis


  3. glottisvocal folds and apparatus of the larynx


  4. T&Abottom of each lung


  5. stridorshortness of breath


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