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  1. emphysema
  2. pneumolith
  3. atelectasis
  4. TB
  5. pneum/o
  1. a condition in which the alveoli are inefficient because of distension
  2. b calculus in a lung
  3. c air; lung
  4. d collapse of a lung or part if a lung, leading to decreased gas exchange
  5. e tuberculosis

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  1. paralysis of the diaphragm
  2. adj. referring to the nose
  3. chronic dilation of the bronchi
  4. high pitched sqeaking sound frequently associated with croup
  5. any disease of the nose

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  1. CXRtotal lung capacity


  2. T&Awindpipe


  3. larynxvoice box, vocal cords


  4. RVtidal volume


  5. antihistaminicdrug used to treat acute allergic reactions


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