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  1. croup
  2. pneumolith
  3. pharynx
  4. pneum/o
  5. TB
  1. a passageway just below the nasal cavity and mouth
  2. b tuberculosis
  3. c calculus in a lung
  4. d a viral infection that causes swelling of the larynx and epiglottis; characterized by a barking noise
  5. e air; lung

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  1. diaphragm
  2. abnormal breathing sounds, crackles
  3. thorax; chest
  4. bronchus
  5. adj. referring to the nose

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  1. RVrespiratory volume


  2. bronchial pneumoniachronic dilation of the bronchi


  3. epiglottissmall hairs in the upper respiratory tract that sweep up foreign matter and mucus out of the respiratory system


  4. atelectasisMyobacterium


  5. bronchitisinflammation of the bronchioles


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