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Trabeculectomy is a

Procedure to tx glaucoma

Vitreous normall is

transparent with gel-like consistency

____ is performed to tx an intraocular malignancy such as retinoblastoma and melanoma.


_____ is performed to create a permanent opening in the tear duct for the drainage of tears.


Opthalmic muscle surgery is performed to correct deviation of the eye caused by____


In preperation for the opthalmic procedure entropion, the scrub should have _______ ready

chalazion clamps

Entropion is the abnormal inversion of the ___

lower eyelid

A _____ is a chronic, inflammatory granuloma of the tarsal or meibomian glands


Orbital decompression is most commonly indicated for___

hypothyroidism or Grave's disease

An opthalmic postoperative infection may result in ______

permanent blindness

The solution most frequently used to irrigatte the eye is _____

balanced salt solution

The scrub passes the needle holder to the surgeon as though it were ___

a pencil

Which of the following statements regarding optalmic sutures is true?

Sutures should be handled as little as possible

If Betadine is used for a surgical eye prep, it must be diluted to ___


If the patient's arms are tucked at his or her sides imporperly, this could result in ______

nerve and tissue injury

The operating microscope magnifies the surgical field up to ___

100 times

The tissue that refracts light rays as they enter the eye is called the _____


A pigmented contractile membrane composed mainly of muscle tissue is known as the ____


The large posterior cavity of the eyeball is filled with a gel substance called___

vitreous humorr

The fluid-filled space between the back of the iris and the front of the lens is the ____

posterior chamber

Surgical removal of the eyeball after the eye muscles and optic nerve have been severed is called___


A condition in which the crystalline lens of the eye or its capsule, or both, becomes opaque, with consequent loss of vision, is known as ___


Evisceration is contraindicated in malignancies and blind painful eyes because ___

The ciliary nerves are left intact, and the patient will still experience pain

A complication during exenteration may be a puncture of the bony orbit, ___

where a cerebrospinal fluid leak may occur

Healon is a ___


An operation that is performed when the sensory layer of the retina and the pigment epithelium layer become separated from each other is called___

scleral buckling

A common technique to repair a retinal detachment is to produce ___ between the detached layers.


The most common cause of vitreous opacity is ___


Clear, watery fluid that fills the anterior and posterior chambers in the front of the eye is called___

aqueous humor

Pectoralis myocutaneous deltopectoral flaps provide coverage for ___

soft tissue defects

Which of the following is not a reason to perform a laryngctomy?


Which of the following might be an immediate post-thyroidectomy complication?

unilateral vocal cord paralyssis

To ensure patient safety directly postoperatively, what must accompany the post-thyroidectomy patient to the post-anesthesia recovery unit?

a tracheostomy tray

Earwax is known as ___


A benign epithelial neoplasm characterized by a branching or lobular tumor is caled a ___


The ___ transmits the vibrations of the tympanic membrane and the other ossicles to the inner ear via the oval window


The inner ear, which consists of the cochlea and the labyrinth, connected by the vestibule, is also called the ___

otic capsule

The ___ is used to suction the irrigation and wound fluids or debris during otological procedures.


A shve prep is never done before a ___


Power drills are needed in virtually every ear surgery that involves ___

the bone

During procedures on the ear, a pledget may be soaked in an antibiotic sollution if ___

it includes steroids to decrease inflammation

The Glasscock dressing___

comes prepackaged and consists of a plastic "bowl" filled with gauze sponges with gauze sponges with Velcro straps to secure it into place

Myringotomy is performed to alleviate effusion, which is ____

fluid in the middle ear

To begin a myringotomy procedure, the surgeon withll first use a

Farrior speculum

Myringoplasty is performed to provide ___

closure of the perforated tympanic membraane

The Farrior speculum's size is determined by ___

the diameter and depth of the ear canal

The paired ____ are the large sinuses below the orbitis.

Maxillary sinuses

The ____ extends from the posterior choanae ofthe nose to the palate.


Most endoscopic procedures of the nose are performed to treat ____

inflammatory or infectious diseases

Which of the of the following instruments would be used to remove nasal polyps?

Takahashi forceps

At what age is a cochlear implant contraindicated in children?

Under 24 months

A/An ___ is typically done for cosmetic reasons.


Choanal atresia is a congenital disorder in which ____

the posterior choanae fail to develop properly.

Why is it important that the sterile field not be broken down until the patient is wxtubated and out of the room following a tonsillectomy?

The patient may begin to hmorrhage following extubation

The primary reason for performing an adenoidectomy is


Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty is usually done due to the presence of ____

Sleep apnea

Which of the following procedures are diagnostic?


The neck is traditionally broken down into____


During a tracheostomy, ___ is sent with the patient to his or her room

the obturator

During setup for a thyroidectomy, the patient's neck is hyperextended. This is done by ____

placing a rolled towel under the patient's neck and shoulders

The ___ enters the mandible on the deep surface of the ramus, providing sensation to the teeth

inferior alveolaar nerve

Facial trauma cases may be repaired using ___

wires, plates, and screws

Why would a patient with a mandible fracture complain of numbness of his or her chin?

The mental nerve provides sensation to the chin

Which of the following instruments would not be found on an ORIF of a fractured mandble?

Depth gague

Arch bars are also called____

maxillomandibular fixation

A LeFort I Fracture is a

fracture involving the lower maxilla

Because the ___ procedure is typically done on newborn infants, very tiny instrumentation is required

bilateral choanal atresia

Skin grafts that consist of the epidermis and a portion of the papillary dermis are called ___ grafts

split thickness

Something that is turgid is considered ___

swollen, hard, and/or congested

A plastic procedure that might be done in a surgeon's office is a ___


Which of the following statements about the metacarpals is false?

There are 8 metacarpals

A scab or dry crust caused by a thrmal or chemical burn, infection, or excoriating skin disease is called ___


Which of the following bones do not make up the wrist?

The tarsi

Mineral oil is frequently used during plastic surgery procedures to ___

provide lubrication, which allows the dermatome to glide easily over the graft site

which of the following statements regarding laser resurfacing is not true?

The patient's eyes do not need to be covered as they are colsed

During an upper lid blepharoplasty, the initial incision is made ___

In the supratarsal crease

The transconjunctival approach in lower lid blepharooplasty ___

is used in patients who only require fat pad removal

To perform and open row lift, the surgeon must make ___ incisions


In laseer resurfacing, wet towels are placed around the surgical site to ___

reduce the risk of thermal damage to other tissue

A rhytidectomy is performed to rejuvinate ____ of the aging face

the lower third

The SMAS is imbricated, incised, and plicated during ____

a rhytidectomy

Cheiloplasty is a

lip augmantation

Mentoplasty is a

chin augmentation

the facial nerve is the ___ cranial nerve


During cheek augmentation, the incision is ___


During a removval of a superficial facial lesion, retraction of the skin edges is done by using ___

double or single skin hooks

Following the removal of a lesion and before sending the lesion to pathology, the surgeon will ask for ___

2-0 silk to mark the lesion

The surgical goal of a scar revision is ____

to improve the appearance of the patient's scar

Grafts that are raised from the donor site but are not immediately severed free are called____

pedicle grafts

___ burns are characterized by reddened skin and pain.


After debridement of a third-degree burn, an allograft of ____ may be used to cover the wound

banked cadaver skin

Which of the following is the responsibility of the surgical rech in the care of a free graft?

keep the graft in a moist saline-soaked sponge while the surgeon prepares the recipient site

The most common type of syndactaly is ___

The webbing of two otherwise normal digits of the hand

Which of the following statements about palcement of a tourniquet for repair of syndactyly is true?

It is important that the tourniquet be the right size to ensure adequate hemostasis

To prepare your surgical patient for a liposuction, the surgeon will begin by___

injecting large volumes of lidocaine and epinephrine that have been diluted in LR's

The surgical tech should have ready ____ following liposuction

pressure dressings

____ best describes one that would be made in a TRAM flap

An elliptical incision in the transverse plain made in the lower abd.

___ is most often used when performing a cleft palate

General anesthesia

Which one of the following statements about liposuction is not true?

Prepping the area with a tincture of alcohol and LR's makes the tissue easy to handle and easy to visualize during the procedure

Another name for the malar bone is ___


The anterior portion of the palate is the ___

hard palate

The lower jawbone is the ___


Which facial muscle allows for closure of the mouth and protrusion of the chin?


what is the source of autogeneous graft material?


The purpose of arch bars is to stabilize the ___ bones


Arch bars are fixed into position with a


why is nasal intubation preferred when arch bar application is anticipated?

To provide access to the oral cavity

Endoscopic viewing of a joint is called


Most LeFort fractures are a result of ____

automobile accidentss

Which of the following is an action of epinephrine?


The pigment that occurs in the epidermis and absorbs light energy is ___


Which layer contains hair follicles, sweat gland, sebaceous glands, and nerve fibers?


Which layer of skin functions best as a heat insulator?


What burn classification involves only the epidermis?

first degree

A burn that destroys the epidermis, dermis, and accessory organs of the skin is a __ burn


What type of graft is skin harvested from a cadiver?


If skin is taken from an unburned area of the patine and used ass a transplant, it is called an


What are the two main arteries that supply the forearm and hand?

radial and ulnar

What medical term refers to the surgical procedure commonly known as a face-lift?


A cosmetic procedure performed on the eyelid is a


Which type of donor skin graft includes the epidermis, dermis, and possibly subcutaneous tissue?


What surgical procedure is performed to remove hypertrophic breast tissuee

reduction mammoplasty

Which of the following best describes the area of the skin preparation for a reduction mammoplasty?

chest and breast, chin to ziphoid process including axilla

Which procedure involves an initial skin incision within the hairline beginning in the temporal region superior to the ear?


Which instrument is responsible for expanding the surface are of a skin graft?

Mesh grafter

Which nerve must be avoided during a rhytidectomy?


All of the following are true for liposuction except that it

can be used as a permanent means of weight loss

Which statement regarding an abdominoplasty is NOT true

Abdominoplasty is the removal of abdominal fat in a patient who is obese

Which incision is usually employed for an abdominoplasty?

low transverse

The main reason for using mineral oil during procurement of a skin graft using a dermatome is to ___

minimize friction

What is applied to a skin graft for lubrication to allow for a dermatome to easily pass over the skin?

mineral oil

Which surgical procedure is performed to improve the cosmetic appearance ofthe chin by correcting micrognathia?


The congenital absence of part or all of the ear is known as ___


Which plastic surgical procedure is considered a "clean" and not sterile procedure?


Which type of flap allows the tissue to be transferred to remain attached to its blood supply?

pedicle flap

The term used to describe the location behind the globe is ___


A small lump on the inner or outer surface of the eyelid caused by an inflammatory reaction of material trapped inside an oil secreting gland is called a


What condition is characterized by excess pressure of the aqueous humor


what procedure is performed to open blocked tear ducts?

lacrimal duct dilation

Recession or resection os the surgical treatment for


BSS is used intraoperatively to ___

irrigate the cornea

Which skin layer contains blood vessels to aid in the regulation of body temperature?


What medical term refers to the condition in which the digits of the hands or feet fail to separate?


Which statement regarding the aging process is NOT true?

The aging process is slowed by exposure to the sun

The anterior portion of the palate that consists of the palantine process of each maxilla and palantine bones is known as the

hard palate

which artery provides blood to the medial side of the forearm?


what is the condition in which there is a lack of tone or relaxation of the eyelid skin, causing the lid to appear thin and wrinkled?


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