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  1. Theism
  2. Excusability
  3. Cosmological Argument
  4. Utilitarianism
  5. Correspondence Theory
  1. a The belief in a personal God who intervenes in the lives of the creation.
  2. b A theory contending that truth is an agreement between a proposition and a fact.
  3. c The concepts that under certain circumstances people are not morally reponsible for their decisions and conduct.
  4. d In ethics, the theory that we should act in such a way that our actions produce the greatest happiness or pleasure.
  5. e An Argument for the existence of God that claims that there must be ultimate causal explanation for why the universe as a totality exists.

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  1. Belief in many gods.
  2. The study of the meanings of ethical words and of the sentences in which they appear.
  3. A 20th century philosophy that denies any essential human nature; each of us creates our own essence through free action.
  4. The theory that everything that occurs happens in accordance with some regular pattern or law.
  5. The position that reason alone, without the aid of sensory imformation, is capable of arriving at some knowledge, at some undeniable truth.

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  1. PragmatismThe doctrine that the objects of our senses exist independentaly of their being experienced.


  2. PanentheismThe belief that everything is God.


  3. Consequentialist TheoryA theory contending that truth is a property of a related group of consistent statements.


  4. EgoismThe belief in a personal God who intervenes in the lives of the creation.


  5. PhenomenologyThe philosophical school founded by Husserl which contends that being is the underlying reality, that what is ultimately real is our consciousness.


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