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  1. Pantheism
  2. Epistemology
  3. Cosmological Argument
  4. Egoism
  5. Excusability
  1. a The belief that everything is God.
  2. b The concepts that under certain circumstances people are not morally reponsible for their decisions and conduct.
  3. c An Argument for the existence of God that claims that there must be ultimate causal explanation for why the universe as a totality exists.
  4. d The banch of philosophy that investigates the nature, source, limitations, and validity of knowledge.
  5. e A consequentialist ethical theory that contends that we act morally when we act in a way that pormotes our own best interest.

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  1. The metaethical position that ethical statements primarily express surprise, shock, or some other emotion.
  2. The view that events are fixed and that humans can do nothing to alter them.
  3. The theory that everything that occurs happens in accordance with some regular pattern or law.
  4. The belief in a personal God who intervenes in the lives of the creation.
  5. The freedom of being able to decide for oneself by using one's own rationality.

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  1. A PrioriPertaining to knowledge stated in empirically verifiable statements; inductive reasoning.


  2. IdealismIn metaphysics, the position that reality is ultimatley nonmatter.


  3. Free WillThe denial that human acts are completely determined.


  4. AnarchismThe theory that all forms of government are incompatible with individaul and social liberty and should be abolished.


  5. Correspondence TheoryA theory contending that truth is a property of a related group of consistent statements.


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