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  1. rueful
  2. deboris
  3. swagger
  4. stingy
  5. ululating
  1. a rubbish, trash, llitter
  2. b to howl or wail
  3. c feeling or showing pity
  4. d not generous, not willing to give
  5. e to strut or walk with and air of over bearing confidence

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  1. great respect or honor
  2. a color ranging from pale yellow to orange or red.
  3. to appear in a threatening form
  4. resembling a slave; dependent
  5. food pigs would eat,garbage, table scraps

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  1. malevolencewishing evil to others


  2. seethingangry, boiling, stewing


  3. monotonoysrepetitous,boring,dull


  4. contaminatefriend or fellow soldier


  5. exquisitebeautiful, flawless, excellent craftsmanship


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