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  1. reverence
  2. qualms
  3. exquisite
  4. looming
  5. parsnips
  1. a uneasiness, uncertaily, doubt
  2. b a plant having a large, witish edible root
  3. c beautiful, flawless, excellent craftsmanship
  4. d to appear in a threatening form
  5. e giving great importance to, showing pride

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  1. facts or data of the numerical kind
  2. a color ranging from pale yellow to orange or red.
  3. to squirm or twist with pain
  4. a lizard that changes colors
  5. wishing evil to others

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  1. slavishlyresembling a slave; dependent


  2. placidfree of interuptions, calm,serene


  3. comradea spirit that teaches them a speical skill


  4. irratationa source of comfort


  5. brutishfeeling or showing pity


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