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  1. irratation
  2. exquisite
  3. ululating
  4. embassy
  5. lament
  1. a to mourn to cry out in grief.
  2. b the offical headcourters of an ambassador
  3. c beautiful, flawless, excellent craftsmanship
  4. d to be agitated with anger
  5. e to howl or wail

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  1. not capable of being reached
  2. rough,uncivilizied, fitting a beast
  3. not generous, not willing to give
  4. to infect or poison,pollute
  5. food pigs would eat,garbage, table scraps

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  1. benevolentthe desire to do good to others


  2. fermentto mourn to cry out in grief.


  3. persistentover ripe


  4. qualmsfree of interuptions, calm,serene


  5. shavevery disorterly, in disarray


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