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  1. remnants
  2. ocher
  3. shave
  4. rueful
  5. exquisite
  1. a something left over
  2. b beautiful, flawless, excellent craftsmanship
  3. c a color ranging from pale yellow to orange or red.
  4. d feeling or showing pity
  5. e a spirit that teaches them a speical skill

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  1. facts or data of the numerical kind
  2. to be agitated with anger
  3. deceitful, dreadful,harmful
  4. friend or fellow soldier
  5. not willing to give up, not letitng go

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  1. chameleonto mourn to cry out in grief.


  2. swaggera spirit that teaches them a speical skill


  3. virtuesvery disorterly, in disarray


  4. dishevelvery disorterly, in disarray


  5. contemptuousto infect or poison,pollute


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