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  1. "Opinion's but a fool, that makes us scan
    The outward habit by the inward man."
  2. "Alas the sea hath cast me on the rocks,
    Wash'd me from shore to shore, and left me breath
    Nothing to think on but ensuing death."
  3. "All perished of man, of pelf
    Nothing escaped but himself:
    Till fortune, tired with doing bad,
    Threw him ashore, to leave him glad."
  4. "Therefore my Lord, go travel for a while,
    Till that his rage and anger be forgot."
  5. "Madam, if this you purpose as ye speak,
    Diana's temple is not distant far,
    Where you may abide till your date expire."
  1. a Helicanus, Scene 2
  2. b Pericles, Scene 5
  3. c The Narrator Gower, Scene 5
  4. d Simonides, Scene 6
  5. e Cerimon, Scene 14

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  1. Lychorida, Scene 11
  2. Cleon, Scene 4
  3. Simonides, Scene 9
  4. The Narrator Gower, Scene 10
  5. Antiochus' Daughter

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  1. "Die, quoth-a? Now gods forbid! I have a gown here; come, put it on; keep warm. Now afore me, a handsome fellow!"First Fisherman


  2. See where she comes, apparell'd like the spring,
    Here face the book of praises, where is read
    Nothing but cruious pleasures"
    Pericles, Scene 1


  3. "I have a princess loved myself,
    Who shall not be more dear to my respect
    Than yours, my Lord."
    Dionyza, Scene 13


  4. "If you, born in these latter times
    When wit's more ripe, accept our rhymes
    Making to take your imagination
    From bourn to bourn, region to region."
    The Narrator Gower, Scene 10


  5. Heaven! He hath found the meaning for which we mean to have his head. He must not live to trumpet forth my infamy!"Lychorida, Scene 11


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