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  1. "Thou has bewitched my daughter
    And thou art a villain."
  2. "Opinion's but a fool, that makes us scan
    The outward habit by the inward man."
  3. "Therefore my Lord, go travel for a while,
    Till that his rage and anger be forgot."
  4. "And these our ships, you happily may think...
    Are stored with corn to make your needy bread,
    And give them life whom hunger starved half dead."
  5. "I have a princess loved myself,
    Who shall not be more dear to my respect
    Than yours, my Lord."
  1. a Simonides, Scene 9
  2. b Dionyza, Scene 13
  3. c Pericles, Scene 4
  4. d Helicanus, Scene 2
  5. e Simonides, Scene 6

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  1. Pericles, Scene 1
  2. Thaisa, Scene 6
  3. Second Fisherman
  4. Pericles, Scene 9
  5. The Narrator Gower, Scene 10

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  1. "Here is a thing too young for such a place,
    She's been born too early and too weak
    Who, if it had conceit, would die, as I
    Am like to do: take in your arms this piece of your dead queen."
    Lychorida, Scene 11


  2. Heaven! He hath found the meaning for which we mean to have his head. He must not live to trumpet forth my infamy!"Lychorida, Scene 11


  3. "So, this is Tyre and this the court. Here must I kill King Pericles; and if I do it not, I am sure to be hanged at home: 'tis dangerous."Thaliart, Scene 3


  4. Of all say'd yet, mayst thou prove prosperous!
    Of all say'd yet I wish thee happiness!"
    Antiochus' Daughter


  5. "Who wanteth food, and will not say he wants it?
    Or can conceal his hunger till he famish?"
    Cleon, Scene 4


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