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Ava History Quiz 3.28, Ivan's Test

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  1. During the Mongolian rule, Russia was cut off from ________ and _______
  2. 1378 =
  3. Russian rulers begin to ______ the _____ ruling style of the Mongol khans.
  4. lawless frontiersman who lived beyond the reach of the law.
  5. Alexis arranged a ___________ of laws that would end up creating a __________ in Russia
  1. a Prince Dimitry of Moscow refused to pay tribute to the Mongols.
  2. b codification
    caste system
  3. c imitate
  4. d Byzantium
    The West (Europe)
  5. e Cossacks

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  1. Boyars
  2. service gentry
  3. oprichniks
  4. Cossacks
  5. caste system

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  1. The _________ family would rule Russia for the next ________ years.Romanovs


  2. Cossacks ________ the __________ to make _______________Dimitry


  3. In return for giving the service gentry land, Ivan said that they must _______________________estates of land and peasants to work them


  4. Who was the 2nd Romanov to rule?Alexis


  5. arrangement of laws or writings into a systematic formcodification


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