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  1. Ivan the terrible went ________ toward the end of his life
  2. lawless frontiersman who lived beyond the reach of the law.
  3. Ivan the Great had a nation that was one people with ____________, united in ______ and in resisting ____________________
  4. Ivan was able to take back estates and peasants ___________________
  5. ___________ became the center of Russian life, and the bishop moves his "see" here.
  1. a insane
  2. b Cossacks
  3. c at his will
  4. d Muscovy
  5. e common language
    mongolian pressure

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  1. Cossacks
  2. czar
  3. oprichniks
  4. codification
  5. provide him with soldiers when needed.

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  1. The _________ family would rule Russia for the next ________ years.Rome


  2. Ivan the great marriedthe last emperor of byzantium's niece


  3. Ivan gives the service gentry __________________________estates of land and peasants to work them


  4. land owning aristocrats of RussiaMuscovy


  5. Some people rebelled against the caste system and became ______________Cossacks


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