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  1. Prince ______ of _______ refused to pay tribute to __________
  2. ___________ became the center of Russian life, and the bishop moves his "see" here.
  3. Russian peasants called __________ flee from the control and forced taxes by escaping to the _____ of the __________
  4. land owning aristocrats of Russia
  5. What are the 3 bad effects of Mongolian rule of Russia?
  1. a 1. Russia was cut off from Byzantium and the West (Europe)
    2. Russia was forced to spend all of its money on paying tribute to Mongols
    3. Serfdom began under Mongol rule
  2. b Muscovy
  3. c Cossacks
  4. d Dimitry
  5. e Boyars

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  1. clear
  2. czar
  3. Cossacks
  4. Kremlin
  5. Ivan the Great

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  1. The _________ family would rule Russia for the next ________ years.Rome


  2. Russian rulers begin to ______ the _____ ruling style of the Mongol khans.imitate


  3. Ivan the terrible's created a new class called ___________________destroy the power of the boyars


  4. During the Mongolian rule, Russia was cut off from ________ and _______Byzantium
    The West (Europe)


  5. Who calls for reform of the Russian Church in 1652 AD?Alexis


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