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  1. Ivan was able to take back estates and peasants ___________________
  2. Cossacks ________ the __________ to make _______________
  3. During the Mongolian rule, Russia was cut off from ________ and _______
  4. land owning aristocrats of Russia
  5. russian word for fortress
  1. a Byzantium
    The West (Europe)
  2. b at his will
  3. c clear
  4. d Boyars
  5. e Kremlin

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  1. provide him with soldiers when needed.
  2. Nikon
  3. 1. Russia was cut off from Byzantium and the West (Europe)
    2. Russia was forced to spend all of its money on paying tribute to Mongols
    3. Serfdom began under Mongol rule
  4. Rome
  5. Romanovs

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  1. Russian rulers begin to ______ the _____ ruling style of the Mongol khans.imitate


  2. Prince ______ of _______ refused to pay tribute to __________Dimitry


  3. Ivan the Great had a nation that was one people with ____________, united in ______ and in resisting ____________________common language
    mongolian pressure


  4. lawless frontiersman who lived beyond the reach of the law.Cossacks


  5. Ivan gives the service gentry __________________________estates of land and peasants to work them


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