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  1. Guglielmo marconi
  2. henry bessemer
  3. Richard arkwright
  4. Eli whitney
  5. assembly line
  1. a invented the radio
  2. b British engineer who invented a process to produce steel
  3. c mechanical system in a factory whereby an article is conveyed through sites at which successive operations are performed on it
  4. d Invented the water frame
  5. e invented the cotton gin

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  1. a method that used a special furnace to make many kinds of steel
  2. invented the telephone
  3. invented the telegraph
  4. invented the flying shuttle
  5. Inventor of the Bessemer Process, which converted iron ore into steel.

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  1. James wattsInvented the Steam Engine


  2. Edmund CartwrightEnglish clergyman who invented the power loom (1743-1823)


  3. mass productioninvented the steamboat


  4. patentprocess in which coke derived from coal is used to burn away impurities in crude iron to produce high quality iron


  5. steam engineexternal-combustion engine in which heat is used to raise steam which either turns a turbine or forces a piston to move up and down in a cylinder


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