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  1. 1571
  2. 1488
  3. 1857
  4. 1453
  5. 1919
  1. a Sepoy Mutiny - dissolves East India Trading Co. (shift from indirect to direct British rule in India)
  2. b Treaty of Versailles ends WWI
  3. c Battle of Lepanto (keeps Ottomans out of global trade networks)
  4. d Dias rounds Cape of Good Hope - beginnings of European maritime explorations
  5. e Rise of Ottoman Empire - capture of Constantinople

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  1. 1st Crusade (brings Europeans into contact with Arabs)
  2. Start of WWI
  3. Collapse of Byzantine
  4. Columbus and Spanish conquistadors
  5. May 4th Movement - massive rebellions in China to protest Treaty of Versailles - shows world view of Treaty

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  1. 1689Glorious Revolution in England/ English Bill of Rights


  2. 1820sIndependence in Latin America (follows Napoleonic Wars) - Simon Bolivia


  3. 1815Conference of Berlin (division of Africa)


  4. 1521Cortes conquers the Aztecs


  5. 1776American Revolution


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