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  1. 1433
  2. 1689
  3. 1911
  4. 1588
  5. 1914
  1. a Glorious Revolution in England/ English Bill of Rights
  2. b Chinese Revolution - end of dynastic cycle, last Civil Serivce Exam
  3. c Defeat of Spanish Armada (beginning of end of Spain, and the start of Britain as a power)
  4. d Last of Zheng He's explorations and beginning of Chinese isolation
  5. e Start of WWI

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  1. End of Pax Romana
  2. Great Schism (1st split in Christianity)
  3. Russian Revolution - 1st time Marx's ideas play out
  4. Peak of Byzantine Empire - reign of Justinian
  5. Ottomans lay siege to Vienna and are unsuccessful - keeps Islam out of Europe for 2nd time (now from the East)

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  1. 1905Russo-Japanese War - established Japan as a power


  2. 323 BCEUnification of China (Qin Dynasty)


  3. 1789Start of French Revolution


  4. 1871Battle of Lepanto (keeps Ottomans out of global trade networks)


  5. 476Collapse of Rome and start of Middle Ages


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