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  1. O2
  2. cellular respiration
  3. cyanide and carbon monoxide
  4. oxidation
  5. oligomycin
  1. a Function: ATP
  2. b loss of electrons from a substance involved in a redox reaction
  3. c bind with an electron carrier in the 3rd protein complex, blocking the passage of electrons to oxygen
  4. d blocks passage of H+ through ATP synthase
  5. e electron transport chain REACTANTS?

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  1. increase in metabolic rate
  2. multistep chemical breakdown of a molecule of glucose; 1st stage of cellular respiration
  3. production of ATP using energy derived from the redox reaction of an electron transport chain
  4. electron transport chain PRODUCTS?
  5. cellular respiration REACTANTS?

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  1. 2 pyruvate, 2 NADH, 2 ATP, 2 H2Ocellular respiration PRODUCTS?


  2. mitochondrial matrixKrebs WHERE?


  3. rotenonebinds tightly with one of the electron carrier molecules in the 1st protein complex, preventing electrons from passinf to the next carrier molecule; often use to kill pest insects and fish


  4. aerobicwith oxygen


  5. lactic acid fermentationconversion of the acid produced by glycolysis to CO2 and ethyl alcohol


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