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  1. Inductive reasoning
  2. measure of segment
  3. vertical angles
  4. ray
  5. dihedral
  1. a piece of line consisting of only one end point and all the points on the line on one side of that end point, named with two points, first on being the end point
  2. b a pair of angles with a common vertex whose sides form two opposite rays
  3. c a number indicating its length
  4. d two faces, fold symmetry
  5. e the process of drawing conclusions about what will happen in future situations based on the observation of a limited number of similar examples

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  1. a piece of line consisting of 2 end points and all the points in between, named with two end points
  2. the conclusion one reaches based on observed examples.Generalizations that you can believe to be true, but are not necessarily true because you cannot check all possibly cases.
  3. of a segment is a line that is perpendicular to a segment and also passes through the mid point of s segment
  4. undefinable term, no thickness and no width, labeled or named with a capital letter
  5. a pair of lines that intersect to form a right angle

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  1. cyclictwo rays with a common end point


  2. adjacent anglesa pair of angles with a common vertex whose sides form two opposite rays


  3. midpoint of a segmentpoint exactly half way between the end points


  4. supplementary anglesa pair of angles where the sum of their measures is 90 degrees


  5. planeundefinable term, flat, two dimensional, goes on forever, named with an upper case script letter


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